Terrorism in New Zealand



I strongly disagree with the official censure of Rep. Omar based on her comments, and I applaud her working with the assholes forcing it to affect the wording and signing it herself.



Are you now acknowledging that what she said was not antisemitic (as you said above), but rather only falsely interpretable that way if taken out of context?

Maybe, if you spelled out an example or two what that reverse is.

I’m still trying to figure why you think anything she said was antisemitic.



It’s been explained more than once around here that making a statement without consideration for how it is read still makes it a bigoted statement, and that still applies here. It’s not a launching pad to call her a bigot, and it doesn’t make her intentions wrong. I think not even being willing to consider it is a bizarre stance just because you agree with her.

And the reverse is difficult to precisely construct, but much worse anti-Islamic statements were made by public figures against Rep. Omar without any reprocussion or dissection or public outcry. Saudi Arabia has a huge influence on our country, but I am not aware of a historic stereotype of how Muslim dark money is funding political upheaval to maintain their seat of power. And I’m not going to invent a statement because it will always be worse than what she said.

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Why would you ascribe partisan motive to @milliefink?



Because I was irratated, and shouldn’t have.



I am willing to consider it.

The word “intentions” there is helpful to me. If I put this in a context that I’m more familiar with, that of racial terminology, where certain words and phrases are hurtful and harmful whether the person meant them to be or not, then it’s easier for me to see something that Omar said as a misstep. I agree, it was a misstep. Was it actually “antisemitic”? I’m going to have think more on that.

I wonder if our concerted effort here to parse out this issue accedes ground to the very forces that Omar is (IMHO) so bravely fighting against. Because of (as I understand it) one phrase that Omar used, we’re spending our time discussing discrimination against Jewish people, rather than Israeli state influence over U.S. politicians and abuse of Palestinians. To me, that rather resembles the huge congressional effort to slam her for that phrasing, which far outweighed any congressional effort to alleviate Palestinian suffering.



And I apologize for being defensive and snippy, I’ve had a rough night before I got into the discussion and barely slept. It’s not the best time for me to be weighing in on stuff like this.

And I also want to reiterate that Rep. Omar is being extremely brave, but i feel it is reflected in her reaction to the tweets. Like, she is not backing down on an unabashed defense of Palestine. That’s something unheard of, especially if you get caught up in a drama like this. And I support her speaking out for Palestine and for Palestinian-Americans and immigrants in this country. They are virtually unrepresented against a very real threat against their lives by white supremecists whole being called the “real terrorists.”

I don’t think she is an anti-Semite either, also proven by her thoughtful response and willingness to admit she was not careful. I really can’t say enough about how much I appreciate the work she is doing, and would never demand perfection from a person. And considering how they are trying to now misquote her when she is proving a greater context and it isn’t sticking, I feel that more people are willing to listen to the larger story than choose based on a cable news soundbite.



Thanks, hope I wasn’t too snippy in return.

Yes, the progressive women in Congress generally are making a lot of good noise.

Go go, strong women!!



Speaking of whom, I mean, of AOC in particular – does Gallup still do its polling via land line phone numbers?

Since September, two months before the 29-year-old was elected, the number of Americans who say they have never heard of her or that they have no opinion has dropped by 21%, according to the Gallup poll results from February. Now, more than two-thirds of respondents have an opinion.

But such visibility appears to have brought more negative reactions than positive ones. Overall, Gallup found, 31% of respondents now view Ocasio-Cortez favorably and 41% unfavorably. Her net favorability ratings are down 8%.

There were sharp partisan and racial divides in this response. Since September, Ocasio-Cortez’s net favorability dropped most sharply among Republicans (-21), white Americans (-15), men (-11) and Americans over 55 (-10). At the same time, net favorability increased among nonwhite Americans (+9) and Democrats (+8).




“Mirror” indeed.

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She had a job as a journalist for a bit, but obviously she doesn’t NEED a job, being the only child of a multimillionaire family, and she does have two kids of her own under five years old right now. I wouldn’t blame her for just being Mom for a while. It’s either that or pay somebody else to do it.



She’s had a smattering of articles but the only journalism job she held was just to promote non-profits across America (and of course to do so for 6 figures). It’s pretty standard kid with rich/famous parents.



If she weren’t Bill Clinton’s daughter she wouldn’t be mentioned in Wikipedia.

I’m not either. So about that terrorism in New Zealand then.



Fuck facebook. That’s too little, too late.






This thread:



That was quick.

In the statement, it was noted that Trade Me had previously viewed the ability to trade between licensed owners in a safe, transparent and traceable environment as better than other alternatives.

But it is clear public sentiment has changed in relation to semi-automatic weapons and we acknowledge that, which is why we’re putting this ban in place.”

“There is a bit of work involved in doing this but we will have these listings removed later today.”




Thanks for that. I’d been hearing about him in the news, but that’s the first time I’ve read the first-hand account. I literally cannot imagine having the courage the hero Abdul Aziz demonstrated.