Terrorism in New Zealand


I was about to descend into responses to these issues directly, but it is obvious that no responder has any actual familiarity with New Zealand or its history especially as it deals with racism.

But I’ll add this. I live in a country right now, where a specific racial segment of the population has constitutional rights based on ethnicity to purchase homes at a lower rate, reserves 20% of the land for specific ethnic domain, bans all public debate of its constitutional privileges, imprisons or “reducates” any ideological dissenters, bars other races from public service, politics (despite being a functional democracy) and is the last nation not currently at war (or North Korea) that has not ratified any human rights documents (racism is actually legal).

I can’t go to the same universities as my neighbours (I’m too old anyway), my kids can’t go to specific schools. My children have lesser access to education, jobs and less free speech.

And all of this is in the constitution. That’s racism. Some idiot putting up a no spitting sign, doesn’t remove NZ from pretty high up the tolerance scale. And yes it’s had it’s problems as a country largely isolated with early 20th century migration, but that doesn’t disqualify a nation from exhibiting some extremely phenomenal acts of racial integration and harmony.


You’re right it’s not, why don’t you join me, we’ll both donate to the victims…



Who said I am ignoring it?

What would you like me to say?


I’ll try to make it as simple as possible: that NZ is not as infected with racism and ammosexuality as the U.S. does not and never did make it immune to an incident like this. What happened today in Christchurch was understandably shocking, but should not be surprising to anyone who’s been paying attention to the resurgence of the far right over the past 8-10 years.



Just because something isn’t as ‘bad as it could ever possibly be’ that dont make it “good.”

Mindless hatred of those who are different is a cancer; left unchecked, it spreads until it consumes and destroys everything in its path.


apologies melz, I meant the poster of the news articles and I think Gracchus who may have also responded (? apologies if not). But maybe you can chime in, the articles where just very incongruous, like the 1981 springbok issue - which was I understood always a protest against the actions of the ABs, not in support of it, the nation rallied against that (but way before my time) - or the appropriation of Maori culture - an article I think was removed. I’ve never heard of legitmate Maori cultural appropriation unless it came from Lego or Hollywood. This is why I thought the poster was not sure what she was talking about. The remainder of the posts didn’t seem to specifiy any specifc phenomena, but reference opinion or senitment (not necissarily invalid, but difficult to comment on constructively). NZ had serious problems with how it dealt with Chinese immigration in the 90s, especially foriegn students. I’m curious if you think there are some other legitimate examples - preferably as a non-Kiwi in NZ. Thanks and apologies again melz. Probably won’t have a chance to respond - can only play the villain so long - need sleep!


Basically, you did.


I actually spit out my coffee reading that reply when that poster also stated above “I came to NZ as a foreigner…”

So your whatever number of years makes you the expert?!


Wait…are you telling me that Nazism could happen elsewhere not JUST in Germany?!

(/s for others)


I’m really sorry Gracchus, I’ve been in a southeast asia for the last decade so I really really really didn’t see that resurgence. I’m not pretending we agree completely, but without looking at other cultural factors I at least thank you for recognising that my former home of NZ, while not perfect can legitimately have positive traits that other nations may not - it could be transitory, it could be a thing of the past, but it is or was a thing - I just don’t think each nation’s struggles map so clearly onto another’s - even on a day like today, where they sure seem to - I think they can be beaten. I’ll say peace out here - exhausted, but engaging gracchus.


Interesting choice of phrasing, that.

Not ‘immigrant’ or ‘transplant’, but foreigner.


How so? Clearly this guy had an agenda based on his ideology, referenced in the fact he had a manifesto. And then I said he wanted his message spread out far and wide. It wasn’t a random act of violence, but a targeted one.

So I ask again, what would you like me to say?




You haven’t noticed what’s been going on in the Philippines with Duterte or in India with Modi (to bracket the region)? Right-wing populism and ultra-nationalism, while resurgent in industrialised Western nations, is also oozing into your neck of the woods, too.

It’s not about direct mapping, it’s about the spread of a poisonous ideology that adapts itself to local conditions.

Only if we fight back instead of saying “it can’t happen here”.


Dude, make up your mind. You’ve now said you’re a New Zealand citizen and a ‘former’ Kiwi, as well as saying you and your children are discriminated against by the NZ constitution and government. But that NZ has always had a rosy, non-racial environment, which you, yourself, have benefitted from, having been raised in Maori, Islander and pakeha communities.

Call me sceptical but you’re contradicting yourself, making wild assumptions and not making a whole lot of coherent sense.


Pewdiepie’s an idiot , but blaming someone for something their fans did is just stupid.

I find the irony of someone who claims they aren’t seeking fame videotaping their rampage, combined with the irony of an Australian in New Zealand complaining about immigrants (what is he, then? A visitor?) to be a bit mind- twisting.


I was in New Zealand for 15 years last trip. My mother and sister arrived five years earlier. I did live there for 2 years in my youth - so 17 years total? I now reside in Asia, however my kid brother, kid sister all my nieces, nephews all live and where born there. Between our family of about 10, we probably have collectively about 200 - 300 years of family experience


and then additional clarification to say “Well…I was there and left to go elsewhere the last decade”

So…let me understand the timeline here. Let’s just assume for a moment 40 years old…just arbitrarily picking a line in the sand on that. So at 30, we left NZ to live elsewhere. But came to NZ as a transplant and the word “raised” was used. So I am willing to say…came to NZ at 10 and spent 20 years living there as a white European descent individual.

AGAIN…please explain to me how you’re the expert in all this?

Just because I can make incredibly good fried chicken and a decent biscuit and gravy’ doesn’t mean I am suddenly the Ambassador of Southern Cuisine.

Fairly certain the phrase that applies here is…privilege?


Time for Vonnegut again, I see;