Terrorism in New Zealand


Did you not see above where he was hosting and giving voice these assholes on his show?
Fuck him. He is just as much to blame here.



I’m not here to put words in your mouth. And I’m free to comment on what you are and are not addressing in the words that do (figuratively) come out of it.

Anyway, never mind, this isn’t worth clogging up the thread over.



Donald Trump approves this statement.



I was taken to New Zealand when I was 12 until 14 (sorry, I should mention family members already lived in NZ and have for generations, we where joining them, not migrating). I returned to Canada following a divorce where half the family remained. I returned to New Zealand at the age of 18 following the death of my caregiver. I also suffered from a severe health problem. Perhaps a better term would be “came of age” as much of my youth was transitory or in conflict.

Receiving guidance and mentorship from a number of primarily Samoan, Tongan and Niuean “father figures” it was, yes, a time when I was raised. They were the only community willing to look after me as I had a severe undiagnosed health issues that only they were willing to address and accomodate. I did not have a single “white” friend of any substance until roughly my 12th years in New Zealand.

I never said I was an expert, if 17 years living in a nation, where your entire family remains, where your brothers and sisters where born, where you where educated and where you call home doesn’t at least give me the right to report a perception, than who can comment?

Additionally, you do not know me. Don’t talk about my privilege or my race.

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Did you not see above where he was hosting and giving voice these assholes on his show?

No, and after a search, I still cannot find anything. Where was this?



Doing your homework for you…



And no one here should be suggesting that only experts may comment here. At the same time, users may choose to apply what weight they choose to any information provided by everyone. That being said:

This - we ask that folks remain respectful in this topic, despite the emotional weight this horrific event places on all of us.

Thank you.



I remember a kid from high school who became a skinhead. At one point he was making some kind of quasi-environmentalist rant but it was more from a Malthusian perspective than anything (i.e. not enough food/resources left for you-know-who). (Or: what @gracchus described upthread.) He and his friends made the news over in Dallas a couple of times a few months later.

(Neither here nor there, but the fucker still owes me $100 in 1987 dollars for puncturing my tires)



And I really don’t want to. And the way you (with the help of some others) are making this thread all about you only reinforces that lack of interest.



But you are. You call out I am ignoring his message, when I reference it twice. My sin is not explicitly saying what that message was? It was obvious, I didn’t realize I had to call out water is wet to complain that it’s raining. IMO extra baggage was added to my post that wasn’t there.

But here, let me spell out his message, in case anyone missed it: Finding copy of his manifest, he is a self avowed Eco-Facist racist, ethno (white) nationalist. While he denies he is an Islamophobe, xeonphobe, or anti-Semite, his answers of “they are cool if they stay in their country” shows he is. Skimming through it, it looks like all the standard talking points of the white supremacists “immigrants are ruining our country” schtick, complete with the whole “white genocide”.



I’m sorry milliefink, if I have done so - considering going here to donate (recommended by lifehacker) - I promise not to comment any further in a sign of good faith.

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Sounds like a country trying to rectify old wrongs.

If 100% of the land was stolen from a people, for example, allowing them 20% back doesn’t seem so egregious to me. If being denied access to education or public services was historical reality, then providing some measure of enhanced opportunity going forward seems reasonable.

Just because you yourself weren’t harmed in the past doesn’t mean your neighbors weren’t.



Right, which I think is a lot more worthy of note – and a lot less obviously so to many – than what I read you above as being focused on, which is that he did this to draw attention to himself. He also did it in response to organized white supremacist fuckery, and in an effort to inspire more such fuckery. So, I responded to what I saw as yet another focus on this individual, a focus that works (whether you meant it or not) to distract attention to that which will surely cause more of this kind of far-right, white supremacist mass murder.



Sadly, this will not hurt him a bit, and will probably boost his cred with his base.



I live in Christchurch. I spent a lot of time yesterday listening to the NZ mainstream media report on this. Coming to BB this morning was the first time I saw the name of the man who did this. I don’t want to give him oxygen. He deserves nothing but justice through the court system.



I am truly so sorry.



I think that he’s talking about the South East Asian country where he lives now, which would appear to be Malaysia.



He keeps moving fucking goal posts around here and contradiction himself… whatever his name is, cause I can’t be bothered to go and actually look (since he condescending refused to do that for me). But I’m the ignorant one…

And let’s not forget that he has less rights because protections for the indigenous people are racism against him…

He regularly spews hateful dialogue to an audience that might include young men who feel alienated and are looking for someone to blame. It’s not a huge leap to imagine some of them might take it to the next level of hate…



Sounds about right… At the end of the day, those views almost always go back to the more violent end of the eugenics spectrum…



Oh, ok, thank you. I missed that in the masses of contradictory info he was throwing around and thought he was talking about NZ. Which no-one else was able or qualified to do because they hadn’t lived/didn’t live there, apparently.

I just thought things must have changed substantially in the 20 years since I went out with a Maori guy, not that he was referring to another country entirely.