Terrorists with light sabers at a trump fund raiser

This is an amazing writeup about a trump rally in NJ. My friend works for a company (my former employer as well) that promoted the hell out of this on their Desi centric network. Unsurprisingly the feedback from viewers wasn’t positive. What strikes me here is the level of dissolutionment which is way over the top compared to anything I’ve seen yet. My personal favorite?

“Lotus Trump”. LOL as if!


At the Republican Hindu Coalition Trump event, fake Michael Jackson was followed by dancers attacked by jihadists and rescued by Navy Seals: pic.twitter.com/Ta90bv3Lw5

— Arif Rafiq (@ArifCRafiq) October 15, 2016


You have to watch the video of course.

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I don’t understand this. I don’t think I ever will.


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