Texans believe snow a government plot

So how will they explain it when the “snow” eventually vanishes and water appears? A government trick where they secretly cart off the plastic overnight and use firetrucks to cover the ground in water?

And I’m serious, btw. This wasn’t a rhetorical question. I know they simply won’t try to explain it in public but how will they reconcile that evidence with their believes in their heads?

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And yet not a one of them has reached out to Jews for help with the ice?

Dammit, I forgot to put “Rothschilds” on the space laser.


I’m not sure exactly, but the “explanation” will be as stupid as it is farfetched. Your proposed scenario is likely to be less ridiculous than whatever these clowns come up with.


Well, duh… Of course the government has a powder they can release that melts the fake snow. They release it from the secret satellites put up by the globalists to communicate with the space lizards bosses on their base on Mars.


We don’t hold it against the AfD that they associate with fascists. :wink:


It explodes.

I think a dangerous misconception is “These people are so stupid or uneducated they’ll believe anything!” The depressing fact to remember with this stuff is that it isn’t random. They have the same basic education most of us have, and a basic education is really enough to see through this sort of thing.

They are looking for rationalizations for their irrationality, like QAnon people believing Democrats sacrifice children, but they wouldn’t believe it about Trump. It has to be someone they hate enough for the crackpot theory to be comforting. I think it is because they already know, down deep, that their hate irrational, and they are desperate for any justification that silences that self doubt.

It’s not that they aren’t smart enough to see through it, it’s that seeing through it would topple a dangerously unstable tower of hate and bias and paranoia that is their reality. Then what would they be? How would they live with the fact they’d been that person?

It’s a sunk cost fallacy where the cost is their “self”. So they double down with more and more wacky stuff. It’s depressing and dangerous. People kill over much less.