Texas governor Rick Perry indicted for abuse of power


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m really glad that he is getting nailed for that, but when I read the headline, I just sort of assumed it would be for more considering his history.


Yeah, the thing that makes this case ethically murky is that he abused his power for an arguably noble goal: to remove someone from a high-ranking law enforcement position after she was charged with a serious crime.


I agree, the waters are not crystal clear here. Lehmberg should have resigned after an incident like that.

But Perry must have given his handlers the slip on the day he made a public declaration of his intent use his authority to coerce that resignation.

He may not be convicted, but the indictment alone will probably foil his presidential campaign for 2016.

And that would be a very good thing :smile:


Damn, you beat me to it.


Are you kidding? It just proves the liberal establishment hates him. The devil, too. This will send him rocketing to the top of the polls if they play it right. Poor governor Perry, persecuted for taking a stand against drunk driving.

Also, that CPAC picture is years old. He’s wearing glasses now. They make him look smart.


They finally caught up to him?

[From a while back]

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Pretty sure Old Scratch already hates Rick Perry, or at least Rick wants to be known as hated by the Devil.

I’m not completely up on my demagogues, so I might be wrong about this, but of all the people who actually stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected President, Rick Perry would be the one happiest about establishing the USA as a Christian Theocracy.

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The only reason Lehmberg didn’t resign is because Perry was going to get to appoint her successor. This may seem benign, but the capitol of Texas is Austin, which is in Travis County. This particular DA has jurisdiction over state officials. And Austin always puts Democrats in that office.

Lehmberg always made it clear since her arrest she wouldn’t seek reelection as part of her penance, and she did sit out the primary and isn’t on this fall’s ballot.

This isn’t the first time Perry has overstepped his powers; but it is the first time someone was able to nail him on it.


Perry never talked about religion until he realized it would get him votes and cash. He couldn’t care less whether the US is a democracy, theocracy or absolutist communist state, as long as he gets to be Prezdint and his financial backers get their money.


The wheel of Karma just picked up some more shit in it’s treads.


They do? I couldn’t tell.


Mike Huckabee makes him look like Voltaire.


Anything that smoothes the path for Herman Cain’s nomination is good by me.


Agreed, but Huckabee succumbed to the call of Faux News long ago :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re just blowing smoke :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously…who is going to be the ‘sane’ candidate rejected by the party this time? Bush3? I got nothing.

Christie? Nope.
Rubio? Nope.
Cain? Ahahaha.
Perry? Pffft.
Cruz? Even ignoring the fact he can’t run, nope.
Jindal? Christ on a bike, no.
Paul? Jeebus.

Is there anyone else?

Morning Joe?

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I was referring to Herman Cain’s notorious† “smoking” add.

† Notorious in my tiny world :stuck_out_tongue:

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