Texas lawyers sing about why you shouldn't eat weed in front of cops

And the 14 months previous to that? (The came out in September of last year.)


The officer’s testimony is all that’s needed.


The crime is “destruction of evidence,” not “possession,” after you eat it. That’s the point they are trying to make. Unless you are a complete toolbox and/or it’s a slow day in Central TX, the cop might not even give enough of a shit to write you up for a Class B misdemeanor. But a third degree felony is worth it as a bust.

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I think the better strategy is to stay out of Texas.


B… but what about that low cost of living? What about my ability… nay, obligation!.. to brandish an automatic weapon in a toy store, and then cry about “rights”? Huh? WHAT ABOUT THAT!?

There’s a long term strategy…


Anywhere but in eyesight of a Texan cop?


Except I was wrong, see above.

You just broke me. Dagnabit I can’t stop. It’s your fault you moron. I am not even sure which side this hat was meant to be worn by. Or you could call it Texaco.

I’m still alughing

…plus eating your weed will probably send you on the horror trip of your life. At least that’s what happened to me twice, when I ingested too much thc.

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The smug is already something to behold

And woe betide you if the should “feel threatened” by your actions.

the one on the right is really cute

Right, so you put your weed in the top and you stick this bit in your mouth and suck…

…hold on a minute, something’s not quite right here!


The next time some blowhard Texan talks about secession from the United States, I figure the best counter is to suggest that we sell it back to Mexico*

*With a long term lease on the oil wells, Austin, Willie Nelson and Richard Linklater.

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That’s exactly why sugarcubes fell out of favor as a medium for LSD.

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