Texas man shoots two women who got into his car by mistake

Could we not do the jokes about what to do with cheerleaders appearing by surprise in a car? The ladies in this story, who I think are actually high school kids, deserve better.



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I dunno, my cheer studio says they’re praying for my beauty to endure, maybe I’m gonna get a gym that kinda sorta tries to praise my moves and athleticism or something,

Why aren’t people getting the message that if you get the wrong house/car/window/driveway you need to stick it instead of turning around? Demand coffee cake. That makes sense over the car full of friends in upstate NY and the girls having been so offensive (maybe, candy purple Edsel, pine bough wigs, though maybe also ‘whoa some chunk of guy is in her car’ booger looks,) they flagged down that ‘hey, gun job here’ dendrite. The KC thing keeps amazing me; guy got shot twice in the head, had to poll 3 houses before getting proper bad advice and falling over, got put together in hospital in 32 hours good to heal at home.


So, this guy was sitting in the parking lot after midnight, of a grocery store that closes at 11pm, and he’s sitting, alone, in the passenger seat. When a teenage cheerleader jumps in his car and instantly jumps back out, and he feels he needs to go to another car, and try and kill her and all her friends?

I have many questions.

And @beschizza, minor nitpick - only one of the cheerleaders got into his car, but two were shot.


Guns kill. Guns are for idiots and weak little pieces of shit. Guns are for losers. gun culture is shit. I’d rather be friends with some one who sucks cock in suburban bushes for meth money than a gun owner. Gun people they… they should be ashamed and horrified to talk about their sick sick fucking stupid ugly fucked up little problems and their shitty inelegant unaesthetic tools. People get shamed more for the games they play than their irresponsible gun attitudes. If you think a gun is making you safer you really need to understand you are too fucking stupid to own one safely.

And if anyone wants to flag me for that do it. It’s the truth though. If you are part of this culture you are one of the worst things about the USA. If you were getting help for all your problems and insufficiencies you wouldn’t feel like you need a gun all the time. You wouldn’t think to kill people at the first sign of trouble. Something is wrong… And you, gun fuck pieces of shit who enable or embody this, are accountable for it more than anyone else in this country.


VOTE FOR PEDRO (for life in prison)


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Needed to be said.


Move over, “stolen election”. The biggest lie in America is now officially “good guys with guns.”


Texas penal code. I am definitely surprised!!! Texas!!!

Texas Penal Code Section 9.41 explains that a person is allowed to use force, but not deadly force, to terminate a mere trespass or interference with property.

  • “Trespass” occurs when a person enters onto or into property, knowing that entry is forbidden or remains on the property after being told to leave by someone with authority.
  • “Theft” or “Interference with Property” occurs when a person takes another’s property with the intent to deprive them of that property and without the owner’s consent.

Going back to the example above, if you grab your firearm, go outside and fire a shot at the trespasser or someone merely creeping around your yard, you will likely find yourself facing a serious felony . In these circumstances, Texas Law only permits the use of force, not deadly force.




During my younger years guns were for hunting and were marketed for hunting. But I guess that didn’t sell enough guns. Now they’re for protection, to be tactical or to make up for your shrinking masculinity.


I once got into the wrong car in a grocery store parking lot and nearly died of embarrassment when the owner asked me what I was doing. Fortunately she was a good sport and laughed it off.


So, from two to ten years, if convicted. A person doesn’t recover from a gun shot wound, physically or psychologically, in two to ten years. I’ve a friend with PTSD who was shot in the Vietnam war, over fifty years ago, it effects every day of his life.

Has Governor Abbott promised to pardon him yet?

So tired of the US marching towards dystopia.


But in this example, there was no trespass by that definition. The person entered the property by accident and left immediately upon realizing their error, without even needing to be told to leave. That means no force at all was justified, much less deadly force.


seems like this is happening a lot lately. Oh well. We once thought school shootings were rare too.


I’ve argued in the past that the only way a gun can truly keep you safe is if you pull your gun out and fire first any time you feel threatened. This was not intended to be advice on how best to use one’s gun.


Of course, in Texas, his only crime was hunting cheerleaders out of season


The joke is that the this time the innocent people in critcal condition are women, I guess. :angry:


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