Texas plans to loosen gun laws proceeds

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Was James Hurley one of these Twin Peaks bikers?


The argument is that we need these guns to protect ourselves from tyrannical government, and it never seems to occur to anybody that that means a shootout with police. What happened in Waco is exactly what was supposed to happen.


As someone who lives in Texas, I am not a fan of the gun laws, and definitely not a fan of where they are headed. That being said, technically, the law isn’t so much “more guns!” but “you no longer have to hide your guns!” Even though it’s not “more guns,” I think it’s a bad idea as it’ll make dealing with situations like this Waco shootout that much more confusing, especially for first responders, if there are a lot more visible weapons.

At least the amendment about making it illegal for the police to ask to see your permit got stripped (at least, I think I heard that was the case).

My surprise level: 0%

I can’t help but feel that Texas won’t be happy until everyone is required to carry a gun with them at all times.


I will fight to the death for my right not to bear arms. (With my, um, butter knife?)


It’s all fun and games until the National Guard shows up. Just ask the Branch Davidians (or what’s left of them).

"The shootout occurred when we don’t have open carry, so obviously the current laws didn’t stop anything like that.”

That’s like saying, “The murder happened despite anti-murder laws, so we just made murder legal.”


And, in a turn of irony that probably doesn’t trouble them, Texas still has strict controls on laboratory glassware…

Guns, fuck yeah! A simple condenser or the like, less so. https://www.txdps.state.tx.us/RegulatoryServices/narcotics/narcprecursor.htm


Holy smokes. An Erlenmeyer flask is regulated? That’s nuts. Just nuts.
Because glass, people. GLASS!


A guy i know put it very well (i was not smart enough to write this)

The truth is always in the middle, as the saying goes. You put 22 year olds in SWAT gear on “standby” in a parking lot, add 300 or so bikers and throw in some Busty Beer Servers and you’ve get what happened: A(nother) Disaster In Waco.

Personally I don’t like open carry. I get it. Like 99.99%+ of the people with guns aren’t going to hurt you. It is an attempt expose and normalize and make things less scary because most peoples’ exposure to guns is pure fantasy, or bad things on the news. I mean you don’t freak out if you see a cop at a store with a gun (well, some people do). That is normalized in most people’s mind.

But in generally the OC movement has come off as attention whores and their lack of diplomacy turns people off. That and if there is someone around with the intent to do harm, they put a big target on their backs.

That said, such laws aren’t going to make crime worse. Do you think if the restaurant had a “no weapons” sign that fight wouldn’t have happened?


The ideal state promises justice, fairness, and equality, base qualities that no individual human can be expected to degrade themselves with. Better that these individuals be able to impose their divine will, their divine pride, their divine jealousies upon their world without the tyrannical impulses of the state to dissuade them from their holy mission.

A Gun is the instrument of that power. Let them use it.

I “liked” your post not because I agree with you, but because it is refreshing to see a personal viewpoint on the matter, rather than just the same regurgitated two sets of talking points over and over again.

[quote=“Mister44, post:12, topic:57883”]
Do you think if the restaurant had a “no weapons” sign[/quote]

In Texas, it would have, wouldn’t it?

No carrying in places serving alcohol, I thought? I remember seeing those signs in the bars in Waco I drank at, anyway.

texas, the new florida

the truth is most certainly not “always in the middle.” Facts are facts and someone making conspiratorial claims to the contrary doesn’t suddenly mean they’re in doubt. I speak not of this particular instance but it of the fallacy of the “compromise truth.”


With my arms.

Never mind the fact that household glassware is almost as good for most meth-cooking purposes; nothing is excessive when protecting The Children from drugs!

Walter: The shit you cook is shit. I saw your set-up. Ridiculous. You and I will not make garbage. We will produce a chemically pure and stable product that performs as advertised. No adulterants. No baby formula. No chili powder.

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