Texas schools using dress codes to circumvent governor's mask ban

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This is it, in a nutshell.


If this is enforced as evenly as most school dress codes there will be a lot of girls sent home for wearing masks with spaghetti straps while the boys wander around dicknosing or wearing a swatch of window screen around their necks.


you’re forgetting that they couldn’t care less if you think they’re hypocrites and they couldn’t care less about their children.

The first part is definitely true, but many of them do care about their children (as long as they’re obedient and always agree with them). They often operate under the delusion that their little darlings are special and somehow protected (perhaps by Jeebus) from the virus without vaccinations or masks.

What is more generally true in that regard is that they don’t care about the welfare of other people’s children, especially if they’re not white cis-het Xtianists.


They should start paying the kids to go to school so that OSHA might help them back up mask use.

“Students … are not considered employees because the students receive no payment of wage or salary . Therefore, the students are not covered by OSHA regulations”

Of course we all know OSHA has been MIA during this whole episode.



that sentence has me at the first half.

i find it astonishing that they don’t care if you think they are hypocrites but they care deeply if you are. wtf is that??? hypocrites!


They don’t exactly care deeply when others are hypocrites, but they do “care” when a performative point is to be made. It’s the same with the budget deficit, they “care” this year but didn’t for the last four, eh?


I want to see video of the person having an Eureka moment when they realized that they could use the dress codes. (Unless they really were in the tub at the time.)


If you believe any argument conservatives make on any issue is being done in good faith, that’s where you are falling short.


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Many dress codes are bullshit. But I guess this is a good use of them.


I’m confused. Weren’t a whole lot of school boards saying last year that there was literally nothing they could do to enforce students wearing masks?


Waiting for Abbott to issue a statement to the effect of “Well, I’m glad you finally figured it out.”, similar to what happened last year when municipalities found a loophole in his exec order about mask enforcement.

If it sounds stupid, that’s because it is stupid, but the nefarious part is that it consolidates his base because he wasn’t forced to budge on his policies. The (inadvertent) loopholes give him an out, and he gets to have it both ways. Last year, he was a lucky asshole that came out looking squeaky-clean (to his base), and it looks like it’ll happen again this year.


Corollary: My wife and I are starting a local activist group to eliminate the dress code from our Texas school district, under the hypothesis that if they can’t force kids to wear masks, then why can they prohibit kids from wearing (completely appropriate) leggings or T-shirts.

Trying to make lemonade out of lemons …




Meanwhile, in Florida:

(all members, with th exception of Corcoran were appointed by Rick Scott.)

Florida Board of Education - Wikipedia


More from the disaster already in progress that is the first semester of school year 2021 in America:

Some highlights:

I am once again sending my kids to school in the middle of a pandemic. We live in Iowa, a state that passed a law preventing schools from mandating masks. I don’t know the vaccination status of my kids’ teachers. Cases in Iowa are rising, and they are almost as bad as they were last August when school started. The state has a 50 percent vaccination rate. And in my county there is a 55 percent vaccination rate. Right now, the positivity rate in Linn County is 15 percent.


Last year, Gov. Kim Reynolds didn’t make reporting cases in schools mandatory and teachers told me there was a lot of undertesting and underreporting. This year, Reynolds has refused to admit that children can contract and spread COVID. A reality that has been proven over and over again. She refuses to admit that masks work.

Legally, Iowa’s lawmakers have taken away school’s’ ability to enforce the one thing that we know prevents the spread of a deadly disease and have also prevented them from moving to online-only education, should an outbreak occur. So, here we are. Stripped of every enforcement tool to keep our kids safe from a deadly virus.

Other states are facing similar tensions and handling them differently. Some districts are fighting back—hiring lawyers, working around the laws. Already in Mississippi, 20,000 students are in quarantine from COVID exposure, five have died. Just days after restarting in-person learning, Louisiana has thousands of children in quarantine after positive tests.

I am more afraid this year than I was last year.


I’ll confess that I’m glad my kids’ schools have had them. It meant buying in bulk identical shirts and pants and never having to deal with school clothes shopping for the rest of the year (barring a major growth spurt).

It made getting kids to school in the morning simpler, and laundry straightforward – you could tell right away if you needed to dig under the bed or look through the closet if they would have enough clothes for the week.

I will happily agree with anyone who questions what the value is beyond simple utility for parents, though. Kids will always find ways to highlight class differences or push the boundaries of pearl clutching deceny standards.


I have less of a problem with a uniform. Although depending on the uniform, it can be needlessly expensive. My kid went to Catholic school for awhile.

But the other dress codes where they are overly policing kids, especially girls/young women, not cool.


I am very relieved that the district I live in here in Texas (Cy-Fair ISD outside of Houston) has decided to offer the first semester virtually to students under 12 years old with future semesters TBD. Until I can vaccinate my child, I have no problems keeping them home for school.