Texas Senator Shatters Table Trying To Silence Woman Testifying



Odd. Isn’t there usually a wooden block to hit (to increase the sound and prevent damage) instead of the table? (Suppose he could have been hitting that hard that he missed)


I’m sure the Senator will look for a way to make her pay for fixing the table. After all his whole focus is that women should bear the responsibility for men’s actions.


you could read the article, just sayin’

What do you think of the civic aspects of it, aside from the physics?


I’ve missed something, haven’t I?



Ah, I see. I parsed ‘dropping the gavel’ as a term for bringing the gavel down/sounds-better-than-‘banging it’. But, yes, the obvious definition is more likely. Thank’ee.


She had gone over her allotted minute, something had to be done.


Yep. I really don’t understand how women haven’t just given up on men altogether. This TX Senator Dipshit was…

...introducing and defending a bill that would **ban most women from donating fetal tissue from their abortions to science**. His legislation was bundled with two other anti-abortion bills — **one to throw out the safest abortion procedure for second-trimester pregnancies, the other to mandate all abortion remains are buried and cremated**...

JFC. Thanks, conservatives, for your dumbass anti-science, anti-thought, anti-empathy stance that has brought us to this.

And if Schwertner was really table-breaking concerned about the time allotted for public testimony, he probably wouldn't have let the first speaker (and dozens after), a representative from the anti-abortion advocacy group Texas Right to Life, ramble on in support for twice as long as Hennessy was allowed to speak.
Absolutely enraging. So, not only does the bill take away TX women's ability to advance scientific knowledge as a whole, but it requires women to hold a funeral for the remains. Ghastly.

But hey, so glad Sharia Law hasn’t taken hold down in TX…


Presumably the broken table prevented him from treating the anti-abortion representatives that came after, so harshly.


Texas eventually with be a democratic state with the way the GOP is torpedoing themselves here. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.


A minute? Each? Especially for that kind of testimony? Pure lip-service. Merely done so it can later be said that everyone was listened to before making a decision.
I honestly can’t see another reason.


Well, I was kinda wondering how angry he had to be to miss an obvious wooden target, not trying to miss the point of the issue.
But yeah, agree completely.


He also let anti-abortion speakers run over by at least double their allotted time.




Too bad it was just the glass table that was broken instead of the ceiling.


I realize I added that question after your first response (because instantaneous), and I thank you for addressing it.


I noticed the change after my first response, no harm, no foul - and you’re welcome!


Just repeating for emphasis!


And how many men were allowed to read out Coretta Scott King’s letter in Congress, after Warren was silenced…four, I think?

Gee, it’s almost like there’s a common theme behind this behavior. :confounded: