Texas: the America of America tee


“Don’t Mess With Texas” is the state’s anti-littering campaign. Why must folks be so prejudiced? There are so many other reasons to mock Texas and Texans. Why not check out Don’t Mess With Texas… it’s a pretty good thing.

pretty sweet SRV psa

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If this video and this one are poking fun at Texas and Texans, it seems like pretty gentle fun.

The message isn’t scary. What’s scary is how many ppl in the US could wear this T-shirt unironically.


what’s scary is how many people in the US take the message to be something it isn’t. I visited some long-time friends and they were angry when I produced a “don’t mess with texas” shirt for their daughter, then embarrassed when I explained what it actually meant.

In the years I lived in San Jose I didn’t have a single friend that adopted a highway. about half of my friends in texas have (me included). Perhaps folks should be less condescending and start their own “Don’t Mess” campaigns.

I realize that Texas and Texans are a joke to many folk… the disdain flows as much towards texas as from texas.

I’m a seventh-generation Texan, liberal for the most part… I don’t have thin skin and I love the shirt… i’ll probably wind up procuring one. Texans, for the most part, kind of annoy me too :wink:


Shouldn’t the eagle be carrying a coathanger, given Texas’ current law debate?

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as far as the whole texas is America’s America. Nah.

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Here’s a totally awesome Bald Eagle shot.

Photo by Tom Carver

Bald Eagle Attacks a Trumpeter Swan

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As a smirking masshole, I’d like to remind the illegal enemy combatants south of the mason-dixon line who the real Americans are.

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I’m a big supporter of the right of the States to secede from the Union, and I actively encourage all Confederate States to do so, ASAP. Also, I’d like to offer them a parting gift: You may take the U.S. House of Representatives with you. Free!

Now if we could just get the eagles to go after the [unprintable] Canada geese…

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So, what? We’re supposed to be interested in some crappy, tired looking, eagle(?) carrying some old kind of not-even assault rifle in front of a washed out red white and blue background? Well whoopdie-freekin-doo. This is what the USA is all about these days.

LEWIS BLACK SAYS FUCK TEXAS. And I believe him. Seriously, FUCK TEXAS.

More like Montana. Better gun laws, not ridiculously hot, fewer psychotic republicans, no shitholes like Dallas, no Rick Perry, Grizzly bears, etc.

Fitting fashion statement for all yer coarse, unsophisticated knee-jerk proclivities, in yer republican megachurches shooting yer assault rifles while eating beef every day, in a sauce with a pound of refined sugar on it. Texas style!

No, he’s on his way to shoot an abortion. Then some people of color for trespassing while wearing masks on October 31st. After that it’s off to execute some retarded folks.

Why are you even addressing “Don’t Mess With Texas” and people who misinterpret DMWT? The T-Shirt says “The America of America.” with an eagle holding a shotgun.

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Shoot an “abortionist,” I think (and hope) you mean.

As a Yankee born bartender in SW CO, I have to say that ‘urban’ Texans are the worst to deal with. You know…the ones from ‘cities’. The ‘cowboy’ ones that occasionally wander in are polite and fine for the most part. The urbanites are loud, lack any sense of sarcasm, are demanding and won’t tip for shit. They still love to rock pastel colors…unabashedly wearing pink golf shirts that are two sizes too small. They also seem to have this tunnel vision when trying to comprehend that people in service positions are actually humans who have the right to be rude back and say the word “NO, you can NOT do that here”. I know they are used to bars that are corporate, have all sorts of tacky shit up on the walls and workers that are used to being subservient drones. That shit don’t fly up in the mountains, and I love edumacatin’ these fools. I do have to say that MOST Texans are decent folk, it’s just the very vocal and asinine minority of them that rub people the wrong way.

I always thought “Don’t Mess With Texas” was kind of a state trooper, long arm of the law thing until someone explained it to me.

And I always wanted to see “Don’t Fuck With New Jersey” signs.