Thai friendship bracelets




My admiration only increased when I read ‘SOFT COCK GANGSTER’, but when I saw ‘I WANT TIN TIN (sic) TO SUFFER’ I realized that I was in the presence of genius, genius that needed to be recorded on a golden disk and sent into deep space for alien civilizations to ponder and envy.


You can get em from beach vendors too


Soft Cock Gangster band name! Called it!


free rape 24 hr, gee.


I was all yeah yeah yeah, wait ‘I WANT TIN TIN TO SUFFER’??? oh this makes up for the motorcycle commute in the rain and then some.


Lick my discharge.

Fuck my dog cunt.

My pussy 99 kg.

I heart my wife.

♫♪ One of these things is not like the others. Which one is different, do you know?


I [heart] rat cunt is pretty bad ass.


I wonder if the primary customers for these are gap-year Aussies.


What, no love for “lick my piss farm?”


Mr Bombastic


Smegma … LOL


If Red Dwarf had given me nothing other than an appreciation of the word ‘smegma’, I would still be content.


Is that Hergé’s Tin Tin or is it Thunderbirds’ Tin Tin?



There’s on that literally says “I want u rape me”. Words fail me


A wondrous array of humanity’s longings. There is hope yet for our civilization.

Such poetry!


Disk/dick whatever it takes.


Western tourist: “Look at this wack-ass shit they sell on the beach in Thailand! I’m gonna buy one to show the folks back home.”

Thai vendor: “Look at the wack-ass shit Western tourists will buy! I’m gonna take their money back home.”


Like I always tell my children, nothing says “fuck my dog cunt” like a Thai friendship bracelet!

… which is probably a good thing, now that I think about it…