Thai friendship bracelets


I’m just going to leave this post open in a browser window and keep going back to enjoy it all day long.


In the US these phrases are offered in Thai as tatoos to drunk Americans.


I really don’t know if ‘UP THE GUNNERS’ is meant to be a euphemism or not.


“Cheeky” and “sexy” are not the words I would choose to describe these. Something closer to “offensive” perhaps.


Such poetry! Many bracelet! Wow!


Apparently someone awoke this morning only to discover that their morning vessel of Wheaties had been unceremoniously contaminated with large quantities of foreign fecal matter.


Yet still more tasteful than Pandora.


Does that actually say “gape my ass”?


You’re failing to appreciate the logical paradox inherent in the statement.


Maybe it is a request for a rough roleplay. (Hint: never forget the safe word.)


I posted a link on Facebook to this. I considered adding “NSFW: mild profanity” for the trolololols, but decided “paint-blistering” was a better description.


“Suck Me Pipe”, Popeye’s other catchphrase.


Thai Tourettes friendship bracelets
wow…just wow. some of those almost have a twisted poetic slant, others remind me of a 4yr old mashing newly learned offensive words together…caca pee poop butt…or if urban dictionary were auto generated by random combinations of words. obviously there is a glitch in the matrix.


The Gunners is the nickname for Arsenal Football Club. So that one is probably aimed at the UK market. I suspect these have been scraped from the web. Someone with a bit of time on their hands could probably work out how they did it. I am intrigued.

…but not that intrigued.



Eat a Dick Salad. Finally, a lovely gift for the vegetarian in your life.


Amazeballs is one word.


Someone in Thailand wanna get me a sexy ladyboy bracelet? Will compensate.


Now that is how you make a first post.


Depends what you and your wife are into as consenting adults…