Thanksgiving Prep and Troubleshooting


Way back when I was much younger and did Cacophony Society things MrsTobinL and I hosted a regrettable food party. Nobody would touch the Spam, but the tuna noodle casserole I made was passable mostly cause I used the french fried onions stuff instead of potato chips.


ok, fellow specimens, I heard back about the green turkey.

“Grandma always ordered her turkey at the meat market near the house but for some reason she bought a frozen turkey at Safeway. She thawed it baked it and then cut the thing open to serve it and it was GREEN inside! She was ‘fit to be tied’ to use her phrase!
Safeway compensated her in some way but it spoiled her dinner that’s for sure!”

She was from Wisconsin, so Wisconsin-isms, aka “Scansin’” were always coming out of her, like “fit to be tied” or “come here once” or “he’s a real son of a gun” or “I’ll call the police!” I swear she said all those things, and more, when we were growing up. I will try to think of more. Such a dear lady and I miss her.

I just can’t believe the rotten turkey story. YUCK.


The ultimate source is MaleChef

I think that it was from last year


I love that tumblr.
I forget I follow it, and they don’t post that often, so there’ll I’ll be scrolling away through my Hiddles.gifs and Supernatural.gifs and then random gross food item… always jarring. :slight_smile:




My mom sent me a ton more Scansin-isms from Grandma. I need to start a new thread on local flavors of language… the stuff she sent me was pure gold. Apparently AIDS-FREE TIGER BLOOD runs in my family, cuz my grandmother’s veins and arteries were overflowing with it.

'Scansin-isms and other local linguistic flavors

Needs a kielbasa cabin, but that is a wonderful holiday edible arrangement.


Aww, but he’s CUTE!!!


We need this tree to go with him!


I had to abandon this thread due to an unscheduled trip, but I think you should know that I just emailed your recipe to myself. I’m a fiend for pea soup, but I haven’t eaten a land animal since the early 80’s (I was 11, Iz old, but not that oldz). I should be able to try this even after the kitchen demo starts in about a week.

I’m not in the habit of photographing my food (bad at remembering to document projects, too), but I’m happy to report that the key lime cheesecake was a success. I will definitely make it again, and make some minor adjustments to intensify the lime flavor a bit. Also ended up making some muffin tin-sized pumpkin pies with the leftover pie filling, and they were more popular than the main pie. Yay! Used cinnamon graham crackers for the crusts. I never made a crust before last Thursday, but it worked. The smoked turkey was well eaten by those who eat bird, my silly green bean casserole came out as expected, mashed potatoes got parsley instead of cheese, and my SO made some cheesy serrano corn bread which was quite good with less heat than you might expect.

@awjt: Please produce that list because, I can’t say I’ve heard your grandma’s phrases before. What part of the state did she live in?


I’ll be happy to get any feedback or suggestions on it.

If you want some specific proportions, I jotted them down when I made it over Thanksgiving and could add them, but you’re an enthusiastic cook and should be able to wing it perfectly well from what I wrote above. It’s not a terribly specific kind of recipe.


It’s a great recipe and I’m going to try it.


It’s over in its new thread about Scansinisms. She was from the Racine area, born 1919. So you have to take the era into consideration.


I’m not a big fan of cooking, but I make shit up in the kitchen all the time. Sometimes, people even like the results. :wink:

I have a black bean chili recipe of the same vein as your split pea recipe. Based on a soup I had to make every morning for a semester while working at a Brazilian restaurant, and developed through much experimentation to the point of autopilot perfection.


I found it. Half my family is from Racine, but the important parts found their way to the middle of the state. Funny thing is, my grandparents didn’t use these phrases, they had -isms much more in line with the user-submitted stuff.


My father in law is also from Racine (born in 1946), and he says some of the stuff my Grandma said, but not all. And he also says different stuff too. Basically, Wisconsin is WEIRD and they are all WEIRDOES.

'Scansin-isms and other local linguistic flavors

I think a few of around here may resemble that remark.


Maybe @japhroaig will give us the Train Wreck footage for Christmas… still waiting…


I came back here, just for this recipe. Thanks @Clifton!!!

Christmas cooking plans?

I know where it is at. A storage building packed to the gills (it has to be). On a DVD that has chicken scratches for labeling. It’s gonna be fun :smiley: