That time Outdoor Channel, Maria Butina, & NRA tried to launch a 'non-political' Vladimir Putin TV show



That’s a mushroom in his hand, super manly. Wait is that offensive Boing Boing please don’t suspend me.


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He had a huge hand in electing Trump, which has had a major side effect of derailing the Paris Agreement on Climate change.
His country is an He profits personally from oil and gas production in his country, and makes no pretense of weaning his country towards carbon neutral sources.

So, he might like to hunt, but doesn’t care if the world burns.


Weekly activities; so that’s huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ and murderin’.


“Today we’ll watch as Vlad takes out his prey using an exciting combination of a deadly nerve agent, laundered funds from Cypriot banks, and incompetent Mafiya cut-outs…”


Putin was never in charge of the KGB. He was a Lieutenant Colonel when the USSR fell.


High enough to have some decision-making power but still able to get “hands-on” experience in the basements of the Lubyanka.


I hear Chernobyl is in the Ukraine.


Well, you can buy hats made from endangered species there.

Not that I, um, er, have any of those. I’ve never been to Russia.


I stand corrected.


Talk about wildlife…

When I first heard of this story, 3rd-rate, '50s, low-budget horror movies came to mind. Night of the Atomic Boars!!


Really? Well, Russia (and progressively with GOP “help” in our neck of the woods), define bedrock strictly as a bed of rocks. That’s it. They want nothing left but rocks.


That’s rather unfortunate


Yes, I was very displeased when I saw certain souvenirs some folks I know brought back from Siberia. I mean, they are really pretty hats, but that fur was much prettier when it was on lynxes and snow leopards.


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