The 19 Republicans who flipped positions to support Obamacare repeal


but straight up ignoring of race has been 0% effective as a solution to racism and its problems


Wait. Are you saying the white men voted for this because they’re racist?

Also, I’m pretty sure not making gross generalizations isn’t ignoring race. Indeed, not depersonalizing people in group and avoiding gross generalizations is actually how one overcomes most forms of group prejudice. Well that and integration.


Gohmert and Brooks are professional jerks.


I actually think they voted for this because they can’t imagine the suffering of anyone they don’t know personally. But the overwhelming (near 90%) white-maleness of the group of people who put together and voted for the ACA is too much to ignore.


My congressman, Dave Reichert, was one of the 20 republicans that didn’t vote for the bill. I’ve voted for him for years even though I see myself as a democrat because he always seemed like a good person but the fact that he waited until the vote to decide because he felt he had to do his “due diligence” frustrates me.


Republican House members are 88% white men. Literally everything they vote on as a bloc ends up the same way.

Attributing their votes to their race/gender and ignoring the fact that they are Republicans is a bit of a stretch. Extending that belief to their entire race/gender is simple prejudice.


For me, interesting to know. But I wouldn’t have voted for any of them in any case.


You might remember Tea Party darling Dave Brat (column 2, row 3) as the economics professor who threw Eric Cantor out of office back in 2014. It was the first time a primary challenger managed to oust a sitting House Majority Leader since the position was created back in 1899.


You know this lobbying was funded by the all the new ACA customers, right?


that’s probably a fair assessment for some subset of them.

there’s a long standing tradition of opposing programs that are “race blind” but coincedentally affect minority groups disproportionately.


i blame white evangelical christians.

good people don’t lose their jobs. really good people don’t get sick. they look at their own personal history, see their own health and success, and believe they are solely responsible for their lucky outcomes.

they’ve got to hold fast to those ideas. it’s proof to their peers they’re leading the right kind of life their community demands.

in those occasions where the statistics don’t work out in their favor and someone gets sick, they either write it off as god’s inscrutable choice or they eject the person from their community.

white privilege has helped to enforce their world view, and white social networks help keep them afloat through the hard times.

i personally don’t think it’s lack of empathy or education. i feel it’s an exceeding skewed world view completely supported by everyone they know and respect.


The usual suspects.


Someone should tell that to the republican base, then.


I think focusing on the whiteness of their skin is missing the real point, which is that this is a bunch of rich people inflicting this on a bunch of poor and/or sick people. This sort of thing happens all over the world. It is not the exclusive domain of American white men.

If you want to affect change here, you have to alienate Republican Congress persons from their base. Their base is white. Focusing on skin color will harden support from the base. Make the narrative about a bunch of rich big-city Congress people lining their pockets at the expense of the working man, and you might get somewhere. And the best part is that it’s the truth.


They have a good reason to lobby against this bill, right?


If that strategy were to succeed in blocking the current iteration of the Obamacare repeal though, don’t underestimate the ®s ability to come up with a new iteration that even more explicitly + dog-whistley divides “those who deserve health coverage” from “those who don’t”…


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