The 19 Republicans who flipped positions to support Obamacare repeal

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I’m surprised Gohmert is on that list. When it comes to supporting GOP legislation that’s stupid or mean-spirited or promotes greed he usually doesn’t doesn’t have to be flipped. It’s the guy’s personal brand.


This is not precisely accurate. The NYT lists these dudes as the “hardline conservatives” who flipped. My own Representative, Rob Wittman (R-VA), also flipped but he’s not in the “Freedom Caucus” so isn’t covered in the NYT article. But he’s yet another white man who stabbed us in teh back.


"There’s something odd about them. "

Oh, c’mon. . . Republicans are usually white males, there’s nothing odd about it at all.


Oh, weren’t they allowed to do that before? My insurer apparently didn’t get that memo.


It’s because the first repeal bill wasn’t stupid, mean-spirited, or greed-promoting enough.


For those living in those districts, you know what you have to do for 2018.


Sooo… when are you folks finally going to get pissed enough to stage a revolution? (Or at least a class war.) The rest of the world can’t believe what Americans tolerate from their ‘government’ or, in may cases inflict on themselves by voting for people that very obviously don’t have your best interests at heart.


Yeah, that’s the big thing. Get people out to vote these scumbags out.

Plus don’t forget the gerrymandering that the TGOP has done over the years to keep in power.


There already is a class war. The middle and working classes are losing it badly and many don’t even realize it.


It won’t happen. The ones who are most likely to stage a revolution like that are firmly on the side of the TGOP. If anything happens it will be the militias and gun nuts going after the “liburls!” and “GAYZ!” and “mooslims!” etc to “clean” up America.


Whores gonna whore. Anybody notice that Impotence is conspicuously absent from the list of preexisting conditions that are excluded from Trumpcare? Because the limp-dick Republicans GOTTA have their VIAGRA.


This can’t hurt either


I got it!

They can’t disco dance, right?


The list is missing Rodney Frelinghuysen, of NJ-11. He’s the chair of the appropriations committee, with an undeserved reputation as a moderate, who was instrumental in the last-minute scuttling of the first AHCA bill. But then (allegedly after his chairmanship was threatened), he flipped and voted yes on this bill. If you’re in NJ-11 (or even if you’re not), here’s a group specifically committed to replacing Frelinghuysen in 2018:


you mean before they were hiking by, like 20 percent? because the new thing is in the hundreds of percent if you have the bad fortune to be sick or old

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Mine was set to go up a mere 50% at the beginning of 2016, but that was enough to make me drop it and try a health care sharing ministry.

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I hesitate to touch this with a ten foot poll, but unless he did it because he was a white man, I think this line of thinking leads to a bad place for everyone.

Except, what if it is, at least partly, done because of being a white dude?

Never getting the short end of the stick makes it a lot easier to get your head to a place where people who are getting the short end of the stick deserve it, and and they just need to suck it up instead of making the rest of us help cover their healthcare

I mean, #NotAllWhiteMen and all that, but statistically, we (white people + men) voted for this crap

The liberal party in BC has been experimenting with enforced demographics in terms of the candidates they field, and I am super uncomfortable with that. But pointing out that white dudes (mostly also straight & wealthy) have been spearheading the wrecking of the US social safety net isn’t exactly a radical position.


I think gross generalizations of people simply because of their race and gender is intellectually lazy and ultimately harmful.

I can’t think of a single instance of such thinking that didn’t breed hatred and resentment on both sides.