The “Amen!” Game: 1970s Christian board game, scanned online for you to play

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Not only do the “name squares” look like oversized blotters but the name just makes me think of Bangface

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The phrase “Amen Game” just sounds like the title of a soundboard you’d find in an appstore loaded up with jungle breaks.

And I’d totally buy a soundboard like that for $1.99 and wear out my phone’s screen dicking around on it.

I never got to go to Bangface, which is probably a good thing, as I am tooold, and I would die.


Ooof, I just watched about 15 minutes of the 2015 Weekender on Youtube.

FSM save me from the teeth grinding! I belong back in the rave dancing my ass off! It’s been FAR TOO LONG since I had that kind of fun.

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I have heard stories from friends of mine who go. Nuh uh. I am too old and I would die. Looks fucking awesome though.

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You don’t have to take drugs or dance. You wouldn’t die. You’d probably just have to worry about ear protection and keeping a lid on your $8 16oz bottle of spit-warm water.

No, you don’t have to, but at a 3-day rave, where there are literally piles of drugs everywhere , I know I’m gonna…


Well, most decent sized raves (this was in Seattle 2005-2010) had testing stations. If you happened across a couple of pills or whatever, you could just walk right on up to the Dance Safe station, hand them a little piece of the pill, and ask them to test it. Then they just do a simple reagent test on whatever you give them, and while they’re doing that you can read the shitton of pamphlets that talk about the effects, dosages and risks of various drugs. Then they’ll give you a sheet saying what the pill mostly has in it, or they just tell you it’s really poisonous if it turns out to be something like strychnine.

Dance Safe is awesome. I hope they’re still around.


Oh, they’d be really good drugs, of that I have no doubt. And my friends would not be shy with them. I’m still not going :smiley: If you ever decide on a Rave Holiday to Blighty though, you should probably check it out. It’s the nearest thing to the Golden Age of the 90s (only with smartphones everywhere and terrifying cyberpunk drugs made in dodgy Chinese labs).

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I’ve never been (live in Seattle, only other country than the US is Canada, which basically just appears to be a relatively cleaner and friendlier version of the US), but I’d love to see Scotland, and I’d definitely like to visit Darwin’s grave, if at all possible…

I never experienced the raves of the 90s, I was just a little tyke back then. I broke into the scene 2005, and by then it’s all Hardcore-House, Hardstyle, and Dubstep was beginning to come into fashion. Never got the hang of Gabber, but I really love trance. Got all of Tiesto’s albums, and was loving Sandstorm long before everyone was fucking sick of it.

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