The "American College of Pediatricians" is a hate group with fewer than 200 members

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Even more dishonest than Rand Paul’s “board certification” from the National Board of Ophthalmology, which is run by… Rand Paul.


But it’s in the name of Jesus!! So it’s okay!!

Don’t know if they are ‘Christian’ or not, but that’s the first thing I think of.


They may be a group of 200 or so transphobes, but I don’t see anything to suggest they aren’t specifically transphobic pediatricians.


My God how reprehensible. If these are real doctors, don’t they have something better to do? Curing the sick, for example?


So…yet another inspiringly-monikered group with a less-than-inspiring purpose. I don’t see much of this on the progressive side of things. That these fine people and their like-minded ilk use dog-whistle organization names says much about the confidence they hold in their causes.


Yes…I guess I assumed that you wouldn’t find as many as 200 pediatricians with strange ideas. Never make assumptions about limits to human stupidity, I fear.


Offhand I can’t remember where but I’ve heard this group cited for its “expert opinions”, usually by individuals with a prejudice against LGBT people.

The SPLC also doesn’t designate an organization a “hate group” lightly–something that should be taken into consideration by anyone who thinks this group’s statements should be trusted. It should be taken into consideration but probably isn’t.


I worry too that the Citizens United line of SCOTUSing makes prohibiting this sort of dangerous corporate behavior much more complicated.

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There are all kinds of physicians (just like there are all kinds of people), including some really morally corrupt ones. Pedophiles, etc.


In my community (with apologies if I’ve related this anecdote on the BBS before) there’s a surprisingly large group of doctors who signed a high profile “pro-life doctors” commitment.

I used to work at the local hospital and so I knew it was basically sixty percent of the doctors with privileges there. Plus a few profs from the university, including a favorite of mine. Doctors are just people, and are prone to the same bigotries as everyone else.


Well at least I can see how the reasoning would work in that case. But there’s no way to argue logically from anything medical to tranny-hating. It’s just hate.


Explicitly “Judeo-Christian, traditional values”. These “values” turn out to be “anti-abortion”, “pro-child-beating”, and “opposition to HPV vaccines” (because we need sexually-transmitted diseases to discourage girls from turning into whores).


And the Judeo part is a very recent addition to the phrase. To show how inclusive they are, of course.


I wish they would be a bit more honest and declare themselves to be “blindly-supportive-of-the-modern-state-of-Israel-Christians” because there are a shocking number of them who lose their shit when you remind them that Jesus was a Jew :cry:


Those types are terrible. Over at my Judaism blog, we call those types “Philosemites”, because they love their image of Jews. Just, y’know, not actual Jews, and they throw scary (honestly terrifying) tantrums when we contradict them.

My “favorite” example (in terms of just sheer hyperbole) was the personal encounter I had with one of these bright eyed fanatics who said that it was my God-Given Duty to return to Israel (I’ve never been there) so that I may die and usher in the Second Coming, and that that event was the entire purpose of my life as far as he was concerned, and that he was jealous, because I’d be escorting Jesus Christ down from Heaven, and he wouldn’t be. (Needless to say, I got the hell away from that person ASAP).


Good news, Baby Pat – we found you a new doctor! Sez here he belongs to the American College of Pediatricians…


Your blog sounds interesting.

I was raised assimilated, lefty and secular, reading writers like Irving Howe, Gershom Scholem and I.B. Singer. Over time, I’ve felt drawn to Jonathan Sacks, Gunther Plaut, Michael Lerner and adult Hebrew lessons.

Can you share your URL?

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Inclusion schminclusion. It’s a signifier that theirs is a form of christianity that emphasises the Old Testament (and specifically, a handful of cherry-picked OT verses about smiting, conquest, revenge and patriarchy) rather than any liberal pieties associated with that Rabbi Jesus. With a few Pauline letters for additional misogyny.


Always interesting when a supposedly “moral” group of people feel the need to deceive the public in order to convince them that they are right. WWJD? Um, He would not deceive. Sorry evangelicals, it’s not ok to deceive the public just because you declare that there is a spiritual war going on.