The AVYA steam inhaler combines old-school remedies with new school technology

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I can get a humidifier at Rite-Aid for, what, $30?


But this one has Wifi, a built in AI, a microphone and seven CMOS sensors. What could go wrong?


I can’t believe nobody has put nicotine, caffeine, thc, cbd, or booze into a water vapor inhaler yet. Seems like the perfect way to imbibe for the hard seltzer drinking all natural goop crowd.

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That’s an arsonist’s dream come true.

and you can probably simmer a pan of water on your stove for free

Humidifier won’t burn my house down if I forget to turn it off. Anyway, I don’t have a stove in my bedroom.

Actually, you’ve just made me think of something. When vapes first came out, my wife thought they might work as portable nebulizers. But of course, they don’t work via ultrasonic nebulization, so that idea was out the window. This, on the other hand… maybe I should take back my humidifier zinger?

energy costs money

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