The BBC warns that new EU copyright rule will break the internet

Interesting to note that the report on here is that somebody inserted this as an amendment, and the BBC - which in some areas seems to have been taken over by the same right-wing cabal that’s taken over the government - is reporting this as if the intent of the whole bill is this end, as a means to suppress hate speech. Oh, sorry, that should be “free speech”, shouldn’t it?
And at the same time, the BBC gets attacked as being left-wing extremists bent on bringing the government down. I mean, ok, maybe parts of Radio 4 are, but surely not all of it. Whatever happened to the BBC? There are times when it seems hardly recognisable.

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Can’t one simply thank every Old who voted Leave on so to thank them for dodging that Europe Bullet thing. Copyright virtuoso nihilism. Yet, Olds, please correct altogether with all thanks and let’s just have a corrigendum that avoids tanking logic which has importance to not being a Crimean Faction?
That’s right ye ex-Italians. An amendment overfit with no fit.

The bot’s foaming again =x.

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