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I award you a gold cluster on your pedant pendant. Well done!

But I’m depressed now because no more Pratchett. I think I’ll go read that last one I’ve been saving up.


So it comes down to the last game of the season.

If Carlisle United beat Exeter City, we go into the promotion play offs, and play two more games against Exeter City. We’ve only beaten Exeter away four times in 26 matches since 1958, so no pressure there.

If Carlisle United draw, we need to hope that none or only one of Blackpool, Stevenage, Cambridge, Colchester and Wycombe win. Blackpool are playing against Leyton Orient who are lucky to still exist, never mind have a reasonable chance of winning.

If Carlisle United lose, it’s the same as if they draw, except Mansfield Town also have a chance of overtaking us.

Worst case, we finish 11th, about where Carlisle were predicted to finish at the start of the season

Kick off is at 5:30pm BST, because Sky wanted to fuck around with the time of their televised match and the FA wanted all the matches to kick off at the same time.

I haven’t felt this stressed about a football match since May 8th 1999.

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Voted for everything because it’s rare I have the chance, I like being able to vote without actually having to choose (does this make me more American?)

My ‘other’ is photoshop the cats into the garden pics, print them out on index cards, and wrote recipes on them. For added measure maybe knit a little border to glue on the catgarden recipe cards?

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Holy fucksocks.


Today I learned that Limonana—which is a juice drink—is not made from lemon and banana.

:lemon: :banana: no

:lemon: :herb: yes


In my mind it is!




@gilbertwham, do you know if UEP will be doing a 20th anniversary remix of Rel 97?

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I was astonished last week when Wenger won agains Mourinho. Loved the way Mourinho responded at the press conference.

All we have to do now is win at Exeter, or get at least a 4-4 draw.

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I’m so disgusted with the EPL, especially the quality of officiating, that I might stop watching. (Also the level of thuggishness. Man City, Man United, and Middlesborough should all be playing in a prison league.) Unfortunately, I can’t get League 2 matches, MLS bores me, and women’s soccer is too brutal. I used to follow SerieA but couldn’t stand all the diving.

(Just found the names.)
Thank you. This’ll be a wonderful addition to my NPC name generator!

I love being a Windows SysAdmin. Its the most fun anyone can have.


Pays the mortgage anyway.


My sympathies.


Photos of cats and gardens seem to be leading, and I did find the cable that goes between my camera and laptop, so here is Gus and the tomato bed


I think I see some cakes out there - I think we’re going to see some Rikers BBS Commanders promoted today…

{insert small talk with coworker as we are leaving}

Me: So glad it’s Friday tomorrow.

Co-worker: Thursday. It’s Thursday tomorrow.

Me: …

I cannot take another day this week.


HAPPY TOWEL DAY you Hoppy Foods!