The beige-walled suburban life behind the videos



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I was so confused, hehe


The article on crashes Safari on iOS 7.1.2 every time - a disturbance in the Force i sense

Now Rob Ford has to write an article about how the semiotics of early 16-bit computing culture makes crack taste weird


Basically, I got out of that what I already knew: the You Tube “stars” acts are unbelievably lame.

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White and beige walls are a tool of The Man.

Hey asshole, my walls are Navajo White because my landlord doesn’t let me paint them. You seem to have missed this key reason as to why they’re boring.

edit: just to be clear, the “asshole” comment is directed at Paul Ford.


haha, I think this is the best thing I’ve ever seen you write.


This was a ruse! A front even!
A sneaky way to get me to click on another pomplamoose video!
Well, it worked, I’d never heard this one, its good.

On the rare occasions that I visit houses that look like that (beige carpet, cheap furniture, no personality, overly bright fluorescent tubes in the kitchen and/or bathroom) it’s actually disconcerting. I hold my tongue but I badly want to ask the resident how/why they countenance living in such a bleakly enervating depressing environment. Pretty much everyone I know puts some thought and effort into the place they spend a third of their waking hours. Even if their tastes don’t line up with mine, at least there’s a flavor.

(Hoarders’ places are also dismaying but at least they make some off-kilter type of sense. There are big stacks of whatever because the person likes the whatevers and wants to keep them. It’s the result of a decision, not the utter absence of decision.)

Chrome also. 36.0.somethingorother. Had to boot up Firefox.

TL;DR: “People who aren’t interested in or can’t afford high-end interior design are pitiable beasts. My God, they may not even realize how pathetic they are! It’s my duty to inform them, via the medium of their tribe, the Internet.”

Fuck your elitist bullshit, thank you very much.


There’s a vast ground between “unfurnished beige McMansion” and “high-end interior design.” He’s not mocking trailer-park denizens for being too poor to afford anything but Walmart furniture. He’s not even mocking these YouTube individuals for having bare walls. He’s not mocking or patronizing anyone, he’s making observations about American culture and priorities.

Whatever snobbish elitism you’re inferring is something you packed in your own baggage, because it’s nowhere in that text.

You leave my whatevers alone! I can sense your covetous air…

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