The best places to find wild magic mushrooms in the US

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Too bad, none of the best places are anywhere close to me :slightly_frowning_face:


east coast of Canada - liberty caps - best in the world

The high number of sighting of Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata in the Pittsburgh region/Allegheny county also correlates with a large and active mushroom club and largish population in the region. The local mushroom hunters know what it is and are avid users of iNaturalist (both in posting observations and verifying them). The number of signings around NYC, Philly, and DC follow the same pattern. The range and abundance of Psilocybe ovoideocystidiata is probably the same across PA it is just that the majority of the state has a low population density that don’t use iNaturalist and to many people it is just another little brown mushroom.

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I can attest, Central Florida isn’t too shabby. I’ve taken plenty of magic mushrooms when I was living there. They make good 'shroom tea, also.


In the 70’s the area north of the airport was all cow fields. When it rained the caravans for what is now UCF (was FTU) would be moving. And yes, good tea.

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Indeed, growing up in Redmond Wa. ~ 75 or 76 we used to go down to the cow pasture along the Sammamish Slough. We would pick and eat until we started feeling a buzz. then wander up into the woods and trip until dinner.
Good times

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I suspect those ovoids, much like ovoids found in areas with no other woodlover ps. species, were transplanted by aforementioned mushroom clubs. I find it dubious that nobody noticed them in the 60s, 70s, or 80s in these areas they’re now common in.


Ovids were not formally published until June 2003 by Richard Gaines. They were known about before then but misidentified as another Psilocybe species. Most of the sites reported on iNaturalist are where you expect to find them, on wood debris near streams and waterways. PA has a lot of small streams, creeks, runs so lots of opportunities for this species.

Most times when people try to cultivate mushrooms they are normally working with other Psilocybe species (don’t know for a fact as I don’t grow mushrooms). So probably not escaping from indoor cultivation. People can still spread the mycelium or spores around and if the habitat is suitable they will grow. I don’t know anyone in the local club who intentionally spreads it around but that does not mean it does not happen.

My theory is that the spores may have gotten into the mulch supply as I have seen it growing in mulched yards where it was not a few years ago.


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