The Best Towel for Crying Into


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“…every mistake we’ve ever made, usually right as we were trying to fall asleep.”



I’m a fan of wirecutter, and they did a pretty good job of capturing the feel of a wirecutter review…


Next up: Best shoulder to cry on…


'It’s soaked in nutrients,’ explained Roosta.

'What are you, a messy eater or something?’ said Zaphod.

'The yellow stripes are high in protein, the green ones have vitamin B and C
complexes, the little pink flowers contain wheatgerm extract.’

Zaphod took it and looked at it in amazement. 'What are the brown stains?’ he asked.

'Bar-B-Q sauce,’ said Roosta. 'For when I get sick of wheatgerm.’

Zaphod sniffed it doubtfully. Even more doubtfully, he sucked a corner. He spat it out again. 'Ugh,’ he stated.

'Yes,’ said Roosta, 'when I’ve had to suck that end I usually have to suck the other end a bit too.’

'Why,’ asked Zaphod suspiciously, 'what’s in that?’

'Anti-depressants,’ said Roosta.

'I’ve gone right off this towel, you know,’ said Zaphod, handing it back.



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