The Biden Administration- Document the atrocities- Praise the graces

Praise, then:


Ugly indeed!

I was wondering where the photos are that that piece talks about, then found them at the piece basically being summarized:


Just looks like destruction for the sake of destruction, especially towards the end of the Trump administration.


And on the part of the construction contractors, destruction for the sake of :moneybag:


Thinking of all of the billions of taxpayer dollars wasted here trying to keep “illegals” out and wrecking protected lands and habitats in the process - all for nothing more than a bunch of ugly steel pillars now left to rot and senselessly ruined landscapes. All the funds and time sunk into this boondoggle that could have been better spent on things like giving these people a path to citizenship that could benefit all of us (more contributing members of society, more taxpayers, etc.), rather than excluding a few for wholly racist reasons.



453 freakin miles! All for, well, you said it well. All for nonsense, racist, inhumane fuckery.


Trump got his ego stroked, some corrupt contractors got a payday, and millions of racist Trump supporters got to feel better about “promises kept”.

Meanwhile the damage will remain long after all these fuckers are dead.


Interesting. I know nothing about her, but the fact that she is Native American, a woman and apparently competent and not corrupt. All of this would be enough to make Republicans foam at the mouth and clutch their pearls. But Beau’s “threat” to look into Senators who may oppose her is kinda funny, as is his wonder at subjecting her to extra scrutiny because she is not openly corrupt. What a world!


One to watch


Don’t worry, we’re calling them “facilities” now.


And the zip-cuffs have pictures of unicorns too?


I’ve been looking deeper into the current immigration issue. I feel bad for not having done so earlier.

The reopening of the Carrizo Springs facility does not seem to be Biden continuing the practices of the Trump Administration.

The Biden administration does not expel unaccompanied minors who arrive at the border, Psaki said, so they are transferred to the HHS Office of Refugee Resettlement. The additional Texas facility, which was open for one month during the Trump administration, was needed to accommodate migrant children in compliance with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic.

It also seems like children arriving with their parents are not being separated like they were under the policies of the Trump Administration.

I remember when, late in the Obama Administration’s second term, a large amount of refugees from South America and Central America overwhelmed our existing infrastructure to house migrants near the border and the administration was criticized when photos and videos of the cramped facilities were shown. I detest the manner in which the Obama Administration deported countless immigrants, but I dislike it when people are criticized for things that are misconstrued or inaccurate. The photos and videos of the cramped immigrant facilities which were never meant to house so many people misconstrued what was going on.

Looking at the reopening of these facilities in Carrizo Springs and the actual reasons why they were reopened, and then the manner in which people are saying that this is just renaming the cages that Trump put kids in, as if Biden is trying to put a prettier picture over it, it doesn’t sit right with me.


Sadly, as a monument to 45, it fits.

Kudos to you for digging deeper on this, and sharing what you found. You brought to mind a larger issue that will hopefully diminish before the elections this year. There are many who (for reasons only they can explain) are determined to think the worst of Biden and his administration, and are quick to cast every action, inaction, decision, appointment, etc. in a negative light. I’m giving this administration a chance, and waiting before evaluating progress rather than rushing to judgement.

When it comes to elected officials and appointments, everyone has a track record and some of those might not look good at first glance. However, it doesn’t sit well with me to condemn people* before they’ve shown any signs of repeating themselves in a new role. It ignores the possibilities of growth and change.

It reminds me of litmus tests used in the past for SCOTUS confirmations or nominations. We’ve seen cases where the justices’ behavior on the job differed from their past records and what was expected based on their history. We can point out problems and demand that officials do better in the future without defaulting to predictions that they’ll fail or assumptions that they’ll make things worse.

*without unresolved legal and ethical violations