The bizarre backstory of what led to the Matt Gaetz sex trafficking investigation

No bitcoin, but the tax collector did do “quasi” money laundering.

You see, all the money paid to the tax collector (tax bills, fees, liens, penalties, etc) were all deposited into a county run account first, for 24 hours. We had an investment specialist at the office who invested that money in stocks/mutual fund/etc. After 24 hours, the money then went to the state. So there was always money being moved into and out of this account on a daily basis (the treasurer handled all money going into the county, not just taxes) and the county profited from it.

Some side stories…
Our elected official (treasurer/tax collector) would hold all of the property tax bill money hostage (we’re required to submit the funds to the state on a certain day of the year) and refuse to submit the tax roll to the state until he had his office budget approved.

The “investment specialist” I mentioned above was a swarmy fellow who always wore expensive suits and would pick up on women dropping his business card in a “look at me I’m rich” sort of way…


I think they looked at Trump and thought that “hell to pay” was easily avoided by bravado. It turns out it’s bravado and wealth/fame/millions of cultists. You don’t have the power, you can’t just power through allegations.


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