'The Boondocks' is back! Coming to HBO Max in Fall 2020

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It started to go downhill a little in the third and fourth seasons, but it’s still one of my favorite shows of all time and I can’t wait for the return.

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This is some of the best news I’ve heard in a while. I can’t wait! Definitely one of the best shows ever made.

ETA: Wait, what is HBO Max?

ETA, again: HBO Max will be a streaming service that is entirely separate from what HBO already provides (HBO Go / Now). So even if you’re already paying for HBO, you’ll need to pony up some more money to get Boondocks (as far as I can tell). But you’ll also get access to a new Dune TV series about the Bene Gesseret and a Gremlins animated series so…maybe it’ll be worth it?

ETA, again again: To be clear, I think it will only be worth it if the Gremlins cartoon somehow manages to surpass the greatness of Gremlins 2, which I highly doubt will happen.


Apparently a second standalone HBO streaming service that will have the same content as HBO Now plus new material from Warner and be a few bucks more.



I tried to re-watch this show a couple of years ago. It doesn’t really hold up. It’s very much of an era.

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Fine, but not enough for me to subscribe. I’ll just wait till it filters down to Adult Swim.


IIRC Aaron McGruder wasn’t involved in the last season. But I thought it was a fantastic show. Smart, funny, and many Star Wars and Anime/Japanese film references.

Shiver me timbers, man. It’s like everyone forgot why we abandoned cable/satellite.


I seem to recall that there was unsuccessful crowdfunding for a live-action series about Uncle Ruckus a few years ago. I wonder if any of that material will appear in the new show.

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Uncle Ruckus in charge? In charge of what?

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