The Boston Dynamics bipedal robot can run now



We have options.

Ear growing subcutaneously for transplant.

We will find a way. And yes, it’ll get freakin’ weird. Weirder than we can imagine right now.


A bear or a shark may stop after the first victim or so. But the robot just starts running again.


and not one of ya posted the swearing mod video??


And we forget to include an ON/OFF switch they can’t reach.


“and then they built two robots with ON/OFF switches and suddenly we were back to running again…”


The wrists are probably weighted. Perhaps its a more stable jump when its center of gravity is slightly more forward(?)


It’s quite frightening actually. That’s enough interwebs for me today. Everything I have seen on this website alone is enough to make me want to drink myself into a stupor. TGIF. We’re fucked.


By land, by air or by sea. God damn it enough for me today. Beer and an NHL game awaits me. I’m outta here.


Oh for a video of a group of these chasing someone around Benny Hill style!


Now, picture it running while it is holding a gyroscopically-stabilized pistol in one hand…


A robot runner? Release the robot hounds!

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