The EST Torch L1 is an ultra-durable, ultra-versatile flashlight

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Eh. Small, portable, and easy to carry just means it’s easy to lose. I’d rather have a slightly inferior product I can afford to easily replace. (And being on Kickstarter implies that the marginally-inferior substitute will follow in rapid succession, I expect.)

But it looks like a nice product, I guess?

Another day, another new tiny flashlight on bongboing.

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I participated in their indiegogo campaign and they never shipped my shovel and won’t answer email. I’m not alone and I wouldn’t trust these thieves.


The world is darker than you realize.

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Flashlight specs are supposed to include:

  • How much light output?
  • Does it have a regulator (so brightness dims all at once when the battery is exhausted, not slowly as it wears out)?
  • How long will it run before the battery is exhausted?

None of that information is available for this product. “Can last up to 20 days” assumes a daily amount of use that we’re not told about.


The built-in permanent magnet in this flashlight is probably not a good idea for those of us who carry a traditional magnetic compass into the outdoors.

I wouldn’t classify L shaped as particularly unique since the Army standardized that at least 75 years ago…

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It’s at the web site. It does 1200 lumens, and the battery stores about 45 kJ. (AA battery is just over 12 kJ). That’s one extremely bright flashlight, and normally you’d only get 1-2 hours from even 4AA cells.

The 20 days is how long it takes to discharge if you don’t use it at all, I suspect.

If I saved all the cumulative cash requied to buy all the $100 flashlight posted on Boingboing, I could have an IR illuminator and helmet mounted night vision by now.

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Why? You can get a waterproof flashlight for well under $20 today.

@boingboing PLEASE reconsider this. EST was absolutely horrendous in their Indiegogo campaign, and showed no signs whatsoever of learning from their mistakes. Go back a little more than 20 days in the comments here and you’ll see nothing but months and months of frustrated and unfulfilled backers and the occasional obfuscating response from EST. Having them as ‘sponsor’ is not a good look for BB.

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Zebralight already has an almost identical one for the same price, but brighter and without the kickstarter risk.


Yeah, Zebralight is a solid company with a great product. It’s a favorite in the caving community.

This is sponsored post advertising a cool sounding flashlight is one of the many aspects of Kickstarter that is at odds with Kickstarter’s contention that paying a company on Kickstarter to receive a product is not shopping. Clearly companies advertise their Kickstarter projects as if you’re buying something rather than making an unsecured cash “investment” in mere hopes of getting a possible “reward” for your selfless act of largesse.

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