The Fall of Roe v Wade & the Insidious Fascist Plot to Make All Women into Mere Broodmares

was there a case here, or was the ISMLD acting on behalf of a political interest?


This. Absolutely this. She followed every rule. They slapped her down because she talked to the press.


An exception to save the life of the mother or prevent serious and permanent bodily injury only comes into play when a physician is defending themselves in court after they have been charged with the felony.

Holy shit, that phrasing is terrifying! You can only invoke the exception for the life of the mother after they have charged you with a felony. In quite a few circumstances, that would already have cost you your job. Not many docs would be willing to chance their careers, and their freedom, to the whims of 12 folks the prosecutors can tailor to their desired outcome. What a shitshow!!


If medical professionals aren’t allowed to respectfully share the real world impacts of laws, just, WTF?


“Pro-life” means forcing women to never be able to have children.

As we all know, it means absolutely everything to do with pain and death, and absolutely nothing to do with healthy, happy, living women and children.


This is why Illinois is so crucial, with a Democratic governor who is spearheading protections for women, LGBTQIA+, etc. If you look at the map, Carbondale in southern Illinois is driveable from most of the states blocking abortion rights:


And much of southern Illinois thinks JB is a northern degenerate liberal who they didn’t vote for. I’m so glad cook county alone has enough votes to overcome them.