The freewheeling madness of Curb Your Enthusiasm

That does sound like a good explanation for the fun comedians had in that documentary about the “Aristocrats!” joke.


Yes - I even get a bit of the same vibe from Seinfeld - although not to the same degree as Curbed. They usually offloaded the really annoying traits on other transient characters where as in Curbed most other people seemed normal and it was just the protagonist who was f-cked up. I just get this “why do I want to watch this person” feeling, and I also think he would be totally fine with that - ehhhh - nah, I’m good.

Fleabag - same feeling. Watched a little and was happy to go.

Right? The talking to the camera bit was clever for a while, but the whole thing just got cringe for me. I think I lasted 3 episodes.

I noticed in another British series that I like a lot more, Gentleman Jack, the central character also talks to the camera. The central character is also, once again, pretty obnoxious in a lot of ways. Still, like everything else in that show, it works better for me.

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