The Hippie Rebel Vaporizer because 'hippie' or 'rebel' wouldn't have done it on their own


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Whoever’s writing the copy for these is a champion.


Makes me wonder what the Venn diagram for hippie and rebel looks like.


♬Friends say he’s trying too hard and he’s not quite hip
But in his own mind he’s the, he’s the dopest trick ♫


I think standard-issue phasers can vaporize hippies just fine.

Still, The Empire might be interested in its secondary function.


Eh, the Empire is pro vape. Their main strongman wears a suit that’s clearly built around the world’s largest portable vaporizer.


I prefer hippie conformists.


it’s also ugly!


Just another item to add to the list.


All the pre-applied snark certainly takes the wind out of commenters…


Couldn’t find a hippie rebel, but here’s a loner rebel picking up his unusually-shaped vaporizer from his dealer. Or it might be a high-tech bike horn.



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