The hyperviolent sport of Rollerball in Sports Illustrated, 1975


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The original Rollerball was actually a 1973 short story by William Harrison, called The Rollerball Murder. Harrison adapted his story into the movie screenplay.


I remember back in the late 70’s that my friend had a subscription where every month he got a few “collectible cards” that described different sports with a picture of the sport on the front. I was surprised to see Rollerball in there – perhaps this is why it was included. There must have been over 100 cards – everything from Cricket to Buzkashi.


The Chris Klein, Jean Reno, LL Cool J remake is definitive.


Schwarzenegger can play the John Houseman part in the remake.


now that i think about it, why DIDN’T this become prescient fiction? we have all the ingredients ready and waiting right now in 2016.


Watch the next GOP debate, squint slightly and you are there.


OH NO – you’re not gonna get me to watch the GOP debates that easily!


Rollerball (1975) is the best sports-related movie ever made. I worked in sports (so sports is pretty much ruined for me) but Rollerball is the charge. Oh so good. Dreamy good. All of it.


This is one of my favorite shirts. To date, if anyone has recognized it, nobody’s said anything…


This is not me, but I have one like this:


I love the movie too, but I’m sorry, none of your shirts are up to snuff. It can’t say anything but 6 on the front, and “Houston 6” on the back.

It took me a long time to find that shirt. Alas, I don’t remember where.



John Houseman’s voice was such a lovely thing. In the trailer, that cut between Jonathan E grabbing the woman and the player hitting the rink worked really well as a shocker. It was a wonderfully bleak and cynical film, though I remember wishing that the structure had been Game #1, the plot and then Game #2 and Game #3.


This brings back many happy memories of playing speedball II on the Amiga with my brother :slight_smile:


Because in the 70s, nothing said future like a MICResque font.


Not quite the right font, I’m afraid. The shirts should be in “MICResque” Countdown while the original posters were done in a font I can’t track down but a copy of which is Lady Starlight.


Designers: Humans undergoing a life-long kerning wankfest.


WANT. so very badly.


Dude – that game was the bomb!


Too many “moving parts”. You have a ball cannon, motorcycles and a custom made roller rink. Can’t do a junior league version particularly easily. Poor kids are not going to be playing it in empty lots.

We have MMA, all it needs is an Octagon. Plus bicycle jousting as seen in that overlooked Bill Murray gem Quick Change