The ingredients of horror movie sounds include crunchy tomatoes and raw chicken


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Oh gosh, that poor tomato.


It’s a horror movie if you are a tomato.


They’ve coming to get you, Rhubarbra!


The creation of sfx for any medium (movies/games/ect) is so fascinating. i just eat that stuff up.


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes:



I can’t help it, I really like this film.

“It’s worse than we thought. This… is a cherry tomato.”


This man has the best job in the world!


I really hope he washed his hands thoroughly after the chicken intestines and before handling fruit and vegetables.


Ah yes, a mainstay of my childhood movie watching.


This is a good place to mention an often over looked film, Blow Out. John Travolta’s FIRST comeback film. I think it is one of De Palma’s best. Travolta plays a sound engineer for crappy horror films. Things take a turn for the Cortazar.


But does Blow Out have Hulk running (and screaming)?


Well, of course not, silly. But it does start off with the worst film scream ever which sets the whole thing in motion. It’s an audio take on the film Blow Up. But you probably knew that.


I really enjoyed “Blow Out” too; very bleak.


Apparently the roar of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is the sound of mating tortoises played backwards.

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