The Jan 6th Committee is building some expectations about a big reveal

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I’d be shocked if the revelations change anything, but I’m glad the Committee is continuing to do its job even if the only beneficiaries are future historians studying the collapse of the American empire.


Unless heads start to roll it’s all just political theater and we’re on course to repeat that day with a worse outcome.


Like all things Congress related, the “Big Reveal” will be both over hyped and underwhelming.

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It won’t be much of a revelation to anyone paying attention. It’s all there, we watched it all happen.

And it will be immediate cause for denial and dismissal by Trumpers.

“What about the FBI and antifa on Jan. 6th???”


The only big reveal that would impress me is announcements of criminal conspiracy charges promising real prison time for the death-cult party’s ringleaders, including Biff.


I will happily eat my hat if I’m wrong, but file this yawner in the same basket as the Mueller report, the Panama Papers, and other “shocking” results that meant absolutely nothing.

No one in power will ever face consequences for anything, even armed insurrection.


We’ve all lived through 2016-2022, so it’s going to take a lot to shock us, lemme tell ya.



I dunno. There was like a year and a half of waiting on some big reveal with Mueller that would materialize and lead to Trump’s removal from office.

I think everyone paying attention knows far right groups and some Republicans conspired to stop the election count. I am not sure what new reveal would be that shocking or lead to any change.

The people who physically went in and caused damage/harm seem to be going to prison for awhile. Anyone behind the scenes who helped plan, stoke, or facilitate it doesn’t seem to have any fear of being arrested. Their base doesn’t care. Merrick Garland seems feckless in his role.

So, you will pardon me if I don’t get my hopes up that this will change anything.

It will require constant and consistent push back against the Big Lie. The Government isn’t going to save itself. The 4 years of beating the drum with warnings of authoritarianism haven’t been as loud lately in the media, but we got a reprieve with Joe Biden. It isn’t a victory.


I think the only people who will be surprised are those who haven’t been paying attention.


Dang; I shoulda read further down; you said exactly what I said about people not paying attention, before I did.


I’m actually willing to believe that a bunch of old fogey Democrats and Liz Cheney are sincerely shocked by what they found, because they are not at all paying attention. They’ve been operating like it’s 1979 for decades. All the insurrectionists’ plans were tweeted and posted on message boards, T-shirts were made, busses were rented… the evidence of the scale of this was everywhere for anyone not sitting around wondering which oil lobbyist’s call they should take next.


Meh, that’s okay, it’s a thing now. People pretty much don’t converse here anymore, let alone read the thread. They mostly just pop in to lay down an assertion, then leave.


I do try to read all the comments, but yeah, it can be a thing.


let alone read the post that initiated the thread.


If there’s one thing the Dems are really great at, it’s meeting expectations. /s

As the previous comments indicate, most of us here long ago lowered our expectations about what establishment Dems can deliver.



Glass Half Full…

By every objective measure, and according to the judgment of numerous former federal prosecutors, and now a sitting federal judge, former President Donald Trump committed crimes when he – unlike any U.S. president before him – refused to accept the results of a free and fair election and attempted to overturn it. Many regular citizens who acted on Trump’s false claims and exhortations have been convicted of the same charge that Trump would likely face if indicted. And far from being weak, the evidence that Trump knew he could not obstruct an official proceeding to maintain himself in office is, as a legal matter, overwhelming and of a kind used to convict ordinary and high-profile Americans every day. Attorney General Garland has repeatedly said that the DOJ will seek accountability for anyone, at any level, who is legally responsible for the insurrection that culminated on Jan. 6, and that the Department’s charging decisions would be governed by the facts and the law, not politics. For all these reasons, we have cause to expect that the DOJ’s investigation will result in charges against Trump if the admissible evidence matches what we have seen in the public record. And when and if that happens, justice has far more than a fighting chance to prevail.

Maybe we should send Garland some Croc Nuts.


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