The Late Show on Musk's latest clowning

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Given that Musk named Tesla’s cars S, X, 3, and Y, all so he could have a S3XY lineup, I’m amazed he didn’t do the same thing with his kids. I mean, the names he did choose are pretty dumb, but at least they’re not a juvenile double entendre.



I think for the Bond films going forward, it would make sense to use current Oligarchs as the villains. Both Musk and Bezos would be ideal Bond villains. Musk is the modern Hugo Drax, anyway. He’s got a fleet of missiles and absolutely no allegiance to any government. Bezos looks like Blofeld. All he needs is a Persian cat and the egg chair.

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There was going to be a Ducktales villain called Mark Zuckerbird, but that was apparently a fight the Disney legal team didn’t want.


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