The Millennium Falcon Owner's Workshop Manual




I would have been more impressed if it just said “Corellian YT-1300 Freighter” and didn’t reference the Millennium Falcon except where citing variants, like how automotive factory service manuals will list differences between variations (wagon vs sedan vs coupe vs hardtop, etc).


A caveat for any emptors out there. The book title is probably the best thing about it. It’s a Star Wars reference book rather than a mock Millenium Falcom repair manual. And it’s a little fishy: why no “Look Inside” ability on the Amazon page?


And we all know that a parsec is a measure of distance, not time, right?

It’s about 3.25 light years (3.08 × 1016 meters) corresponding to the distance at which the mean radius of the earth’s orbit subtends an angle of one second of arc.


Hydrospanners not included.


Haynes came out with one for the Constitution class heavy cruiser a couple of years ago. Mr. Scott says it’s no substitute for a proper technical manual.


Well, that’s Haynes manuals for you anyway. Personally, I’m a Chilton or Motor’s man.

Gonna buy this one anyway, since the Corellian Factory Service Manual weighs more than three Wookiees and hasn’t been updated since Jabba was a pup.


I don’t understand why it is called a freighter. It’s small, only half the internal space is cargo storage space, and the space it has is designed for breakbulk instead of containerized cargo - the spaces are hard to get to and ill designed for automation. What exactly is this made to carry? Given the weapons and maneuverability (even if the Millennium Falcon is better than typical), it seems meant to be a drug runner (or other illegal cargo carrier) from design.


Kind of the General Lee of hyperspace.


I only hire a Corellian when I have very high value “freight” to move and need the best protection I can buy. Obviously, it was designed during the pirate problems and serves that purpose. Don’t believe everything the MSM tells you about the pirates. The problem has not gone away. Defending high value freight is what people pay the big bucks for and Solo is one of the best. I use him when I can.


OK, I’ve tried to avoid this movie as much as possible over the years. Seriously-- did they really measure time in parsecs?


Yes. It is set in an alternative universe (“far far away”),
where parsecs and lightyears are a measure of time.


And we all also know the now-ancient official retcon, that the Kessel Run involves skirting a black hole, and the closer you can skim it the faster you’ll arrive. Right? :slight_smile:


And what is up with snow speeders? What needs to be harpooned at 300 mph?


This one goes there, that one goes there’

what more instruction would you need?


Purchasing one of those manuals typically means that my car is at the end of its life.


clears throat, performs Picard Maneuver

I believe you meant the Constitution class, and that Haynes Manual (although it had the pre-refit Constitution-class Enterprise on the cover) actually covered all the ships in the various series and movies with that name, from the NX-01 to the E. Not a bad book, but because it’s covering several ship classes, it doesn’t go into much detail on any particular one. I much prefer the Haynes Manual for the Klingon Bird-of-Prey; it’s co-authored by Rick Sternbach, who worked on several Trek projects, and even includes the ship’s duty roster.


If you’re going to get a Haynes manual, at least get one for an actual thing.


Don’t they mention they’re not very good in the snow and have to be adapted or something…?

Probably originally used by Browncoats to catch sand worms on Arrakis.


My neighbors were always complaining about the old YT-1300 in my driveway, that I was restoring on weekends. Then I picked up a gently-used Death Star ( and all the complaints stopped.