The New York Times' front-page profile of "defiant" Jan. 6 "marchers" is a taste of what comes next

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First of all. Going from personal experience, getting mentioned on the front page of the Times is an overrated experience (my reddit post from many years back was the basis for an article about Sony being scared shitless about the NFL suing them over it’s movie about CTE and how the league tried to cover it up).

Second it’s well known that the Times have been rife with propaganda pieces about the idiotsurection. The real news is about it being front page material instead of it being an opinion piece. Maybe that guy’s lawyer(s) has some serious connections to the paper I dunno.

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It really doesn’t seem that NYT has ever met a fascist they didn’t love. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I can feel the economic anxiety radiating off of them.


Another in the fine NYT tradition of Nazi-Next-Door/“fascists – they’re just like us!” pieces.

I’m sure someone must have done a study on how the respectable Bavarian newspapers covered the aftermath of the putsch in the early 1920s. I’m also sure that the coverage was very similar to this.


We report today from the Berghof Diner; where “real Americans” have breakfast, work “real jobs” and discus the latest developments in insurrection.



Defiant? How about dull…dense…dumb perhaps?


I already unsubscrube to that dumb newsletter for nitwits, since all the interesting stuff gets mocked on the podcasts I listen to anyway.

(Yes, I had to call them on the telephone for an hour or so)

uh, how is NYT “glorifying” the fascists? I go through the article, say “God, what a shithead” and move on. The NYT cannot themselves call them “shitheads”. That an exercise for the reader.

and, OK, by highlighting this one particular representative shithead, it got him free publicity, legal clients. the risk of publicity helping his livelihood is outweighed by the public interest in seeing whats under the squalid rock of American know-nothingism.


I think of them more as festering boils on the ass-end of humanity. Sore and fragile with nothing inside but pure vileness.


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