The "Oh my gosh" Karen gets the mini-musical treatment

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I am a Christian woman of God.

And I am pastafarian man of the FSM. Let’s see whose mythical deity shows up first to help you.


Rahmen, brother!


Am I the only one who gets anxiety listening to people like this?


Off-topic, but thumbs up for the WUShock!

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Whenever I see false && !true in a code review, I always flag it.

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When I am sick of being lied to, I just turn off Fox News.

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So law enforcement was called about an assault and she was ranting about masks…was she being booked for assault for not wearing a mask? I thought stores could use the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” rule they have used forever. Or is there more?

The only time I see Faux News is when a clip of their BS is shown on one of the ‘damn leftie’ comedy or investigative shows.

Just made me think of this:

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