The perfect notepad for writing passive-aggressive notes


Just had got to be the most dangerous word.


Let’s not forget to put the toilet seat down, okay? :smile:

Just a comment.

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Just saaaayiiiiiinnnn

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and the lid.

Just a bill…

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Just kidding!

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One does not just ‘just’ ever. Into Mordor or otherwise.

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Only arskin’.

Having lived in numerous share houses I always enjoyed the passive-aggressive notes website.
Time for a house meeting?

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I’ve got a family member who in nearly every sentence uses “just” or “because”, and they seem to have no idea that they do this. Despite hundreds of confusing exchanges!

Them: …because I’ve got to buy milk.
Me: What happens because you’ve got to buy milk?
Them: That’s what I said.
Me: You said that you’ve got to buy milk, but I wasn’t clear what you meant by “because”. Because what?
Them: What are you talking about?
Me: You said: “because I’ve got to buy milk”…
Them: Well, I do!
Me: But when you say “because”, aren’t you implying that this fact is linked to something else?
Them: I don’t understand what you’re talking about.
Me: So you are buying some milk?
Them: Yes. Because I need to go to The Store.
Me: !!!

Why do I continue to endure their craziness?


My love?
Yes, darling?

Shit’s about to go down.

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