Things you do that really piss me off, the notepad




“Breathe” and “Exist” are funny, but tonally off.

Conspicuously absent: “Vote Republican”

Pad comes with 60 of these, like someone who uses stuff like this would know 60 people.


It’s on there. second column, six down.


My bad…give me a check on my note.


Is “leave passive-aggressive notes” on there?


“Pick your butt” + “Eat off my plate” = I don’t know you anymore


I cant believe I actually read the whole list


Is there a form on the back to document corrective actions?


Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About


Discuss the merits of suicide. I’ve actually dealt with this recently.


…to be discussed at the half-yearly review.


Surprisingly comprehensive list–pretty much got me covered for all my pet peeves, except…
Pick the wrong movie, and fall asleep during movies…but no… talk during movies?


My wife is a Quality Director…
Luckily for me she is one of those people who totally separates her work and non-work personality – otherwise I would be up to my elbows in corrective actions and the reviews would be never ending.


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