The Simple One-Hitter and Dugout make quick, on-the-go smoking easier than ever

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It took me longer than it should have to realize that this headline wasm’t about tailgate grilling at a baseball game…


Jesus christ. I remember being 15 and too dumb to realize how awful 1-hitters and dugouts are.

May as well be selling modified bic pen dugouts.

Just buy a real pipe, or better yet a bong, people.


I didn’t know what a dugout is since I have never had any interest in one hitters, for the same reasons as @LDoBe . The stoner glossary hipped me with perfectly written stoner style:

It’s so convenient to sue anywhere.

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I mean I did use dugout and 1-hitter kits before I was 21 and before it was legalized in my state.

But only because the whole system is pretty much designed to be chuckable.

“Oh shit it’s the cops, throw it out the window” now you’re only out a $5 dugout and $10 in weed. Oh well.

This makes sense only in places where it’s still not legal.

And a small vape would be more discreet these days. Not smelly, no burning stuff, easy to just claim it’s nicotine juice.


Must I?

I suppose I must.



Aside from riding my bicycle after smoking, I never really figured “on-the-go” to be a way to describe my pot-smoking lifestyle.
“No time for the hookah today, Sam! Give me a one-hitter to go! Too many things to see and do!”
(Best stated in the Mid-Atlantic accent of golden era cinema actors)

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I always thought that thing was called a “dugout” because of the way the two chambers are scooped out of the wood. But I’ve come to believe it’s a baseball reference: it’s where the bat goes between hits.

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Yes Towelie, the answer is yes.

Fwiw, this equipment isn’t meant for tobacco smoking, and wouldn’t really be any good for that purpose either

I made these out scrap metal when I was a lad, come to think of it, I’m still a lad.

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Heartily disagree. Bats are good for any situation requiring discretion; they’re fast/efficient and conserve supply; very portable; very controllable hit. Flower only for me - I don’t trust vape products.
Not that I doubt this is a piece of crap - for starters, those “push-to-empty” mechanisms gum up instantly.


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