The Snapback Glove may look like a mitten on a string, but it can protect you from harmful germs

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That’s not a snap-back glove. THIS is a snap-back glove.


entirely antiviral and antimicrobial

So why not just leave it on all the time, since it offers 100% unbeatable protection?


Or just get one of those retractable keyfob things and duct tape it to a glove.

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This would look great with my denim chaps. :roll_eyes:

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or put a grommet in the glove : )

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A mitten on a string. Thanks for pointing it out first, BB Shop ad title. You sucked all the fun out of it.


Finally! A way for me to cross contaminate my pants without me having to rub my hands all over them. The snapback will work perfectly! Thanks BBS!

Antimicrobial products don’t kill germs instantly. Hell even disinfectants don’t kill instantly. They have a dwell time needed to kill germs. So this thing might be made out of silver but the antimicrobial action isn’t going to work on any germs fast enough to keep from cross-contaminating your pants.


Dangle your contaminated PPE on your body, only $35!


Best of all, now you can use the Snapback Glove to pick up dog poo with your hand, then just let the tether snap back the dog poo covered glove back to your pants! No disposable glove or soap and water needed! Because it’s made with some silver stuff there’s no worry that any of that slimy dog poo will get on your pants! :poop:


Just a way people should think about all the various reusable devices being sold as ways to be safe from touching high touch surfaces - if you wouldn’t use it to touch dog poop because you know you’d get dog poop all over you or in your purse or pocket, then you shouldn’t use it to touch a surface you think is possibly contaminated with an invisible, lethal virus.


That’s a thought. The glove would have to be oversized enough so that donning/un–donning could be easily done w/o your hands having to touch the outer portion.

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Pre-duel face-slapping with one of those gloves would actually be the duel.

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I bet the “inventor” of this thought they were going to make soap-on-a-rope amounts of money from this thing.


Could the Boing Boing Store maybe stop making false and illegally inflated “regular price” discount claims? The manufacturer’s own site claims the “original” price is $37. Hell, even the linked Stack Social/Boing Boing product page says the original price is $37.


What’s next on the Boing Boing store: Potato soup in ten gallon buckets! Colloidal silver solutions to cure diseases! And, regularly $20,000, now just $10, a rare virus-dissolving substance that you can use with hot water to clean your hand of viruses!

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Even though life is emerging following our COVID-19 lockdown

I see you’ve been reading the news, @boingboingshop

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Gloves are fine in a medical setting.

But we normies don’t need them, just wash your hands regularly and carry gel if your don’t have access to bathrooms.

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