The state of Florida bullies the Special Olympics over its vaccine requirement

I didn’t think that you were. I was simply pointing out that the onus isn’t on already-marginalized communities or even publicly-supported and lauded institutions like the Devil Rays (!?!), but the leadership of the state of Florida.

I do agree with what others upthread have said about organizations pulling out of Florida in protest, though. It’s just that’s they’re the ones making the sacrifice due to no fault of their own. However…

Isn’t a tenable solution. In an ideal world, yes, but one of the core points of SO is accessibility. Accessibility also includes proximity, which would put many potential Olympians out of the game, as it were. I get and agree with your overall point, but just as with the petrol industry, the consumer has been forced to cope with their intransigent anti-human policies for too long. It’s time to start pointing the finger solely at the instigators.

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For reference, the two professional organizations of which I am a part, secure contracts 6-8 years in advance. We are obligated by charter to avoid states like Florida, but in 2014 this shit wasn’t happening. And it costs hundreds of thousands to pull out.

Right now we’re being hounded to move our convention because our fall 2022 meeting is being held in a state where the hotels that have converted to “we don’t was your sheets everyday, for the environment.”



From what I know of the Special Olympics, they’re pretty detail and security oriented. People involved in the games, including volunteers, have to go through security clearance, and were likely vetted months ago, including vaccine status. So last minute changes to the vaccine rules are hopefully something of a nonissue if SO has already made sure everyone coming is up to date. Hope next time they go elsewhere, where Desantis dickery is a non-issue.

ETA: Though I sort of wish SO fights it, just for the optics of Desantis being clearly in the wrong for attacking the Special Olympics.


Fair, and I definitely point my finger at the instigators. It’s a shitty position to be in though, where you have to decide whether or not to host an event that endangers your attendees, or are faced with irrecoverable fines. This is absolutely on the state of florida and not on the SO or any org facing that.


Yeah, but that’s just absurdity, incompetence, & deflection, not jackassery.
It won’t surprise me a bit when those Door Inspectors start getting shot in droves by guards.

I’m waiting to see which one of these assholes will be the first to say that a miscarriage = murder.

Institutions are slow to react

Florida, over historical time, used to be a very pro-business, pro-corporate sort of “conservative” place, where all kinds of weirdness like Pride in Key West was fine as long as it sold lots of beer


What do Olympians in the other 49 states do?

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How long before masks (and then vaccines) become illegal in Florida?

Anyone suggesting over/under?


They’re partway there, with the whole ectopic pregnancy program.


Travel to Florida. Which is a good point, these are the national events facing this issue. The answer is to not hold the National Events in Florida.

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So, when is DeSantis going to try and boot NASA out of Cape Canaveral?

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I assume they participate in their regional Special Olympics matches and qualify for nationals just like most other sporting conferences. There seem to be chapters in every state and internationally.

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A lot of hotels on the West Coast have this policy. They’ll wait to change the bedding when you check out if it’s a short stay (1-3 nights). If you stay longer–let’s say more than three nights–I think they will change the sheets and make up the room. Same thing with the towels. However, I also think you can still request new towels or a change of bedding if you really want it.

I prefer this for a couple of reasons. First, it does save water and this is super important for the drought-stricken southwest. Second, housekeeping services is stretched thin, even before Covid, and I really want to save them extra work (we still tip as if they’ve come in each day).


Yes. Most hotels everywhere have this. You have to make a positive request to have towels and sheets changed every day. I love this practice. It makes good environment sense.

I’m on the annual meeting committee for one of my professional organizations, and I’ve gotten three calls in the last three months from the SEIU asking me to cancel or move the hotel for our upcoming meeting, because of this practice. The union doesn’t like it, because it means fewer workers.


Obviously there’s no way I can know that.

I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that people and organizations align themselves with opportunities, though. If the NCAA moved their games out of Florida, publicly stating that the decision was based on DeSantis’ policies, I think it’s highly likely that someone would see an opportunity for profit, and would be motivated to virtue signal: “Have no fear, Florida, my product or service will fill the void!” Some would be ideologically inclined, so it would be a huge win for them to brag and drag on the NCAA. Some would just see an opportunity for profit, and wouldn’t make a spectacle out of it. But they’d be there all the same.

So, no option other than to just carry on as before?

I’d trade the certainty of pulling a big event out for the possibility that another event replaces it. Any day of the week.

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Ah! That’s understandable. (I was wondering what kind of professional group is that high maintenance? :laughing:)


That wasn’t even close to what I was saying. The claim: imagine how upset DeSantis would be losing these dollars, my response: potentially no dollars lost.

That doesn’t mean that the company or organization shouldn’t pull out, just because they might be replaced. I would rather see that happen, personally.


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