The Tesla Model X is tricked out with a built-in holiday music and light show


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Maybe if they spent less time fucking around with stuff like this they could get model 3 production rolling. I know, I know, not the same team, being that guy etc. but there’s a level at which this is just excessive. It’s cute but it has absolutely nothing to do with its function as a vehicle.


This is so absolutely cool.

It is also a perfect demonstration of why I will never own a Tesla. There is no way that anyone should be able to download code that can make your car do something like that… talk about a security nightmare!


When the “PLEASE ENTER ACCESS CODE” prompt appears, enter the code “holiday” or “ModelXmas” and press “OK”

My Prius doesn’t have that feature.


I came prepared to hate, but TSO is among the few holiday music I don’t hate.


If Americans gave a rat’s ass about functionality in transportation, they’d build useful commuter trains instead of private holes in their wallets.


Speaking of easter eggs, what a missed opportunity - with the gull-wing doors open, the car looks like a bunny from the front.


Vertical video, is plot by no goodnik Squirrel.


I’m more pissed off with the vertical video format.


I kinda feel like there’s room in the production cycle of a car for designers to add small, unnecessary things that exist only to bring joy to the people who pay gigantic amounts of money for them. Cars are not strictly utilitarian machines. A radio has nothing to do with the ‘function of a vehicle’, either, but it exists to make using it more pleasant.

I would also argue that this functions as an excellent ‘demo mode’ to test and show off the automation of doors, gull-wings, mirrors, and lights.


Oh, I know, my knee was jerking so hard I lost some teeth. It is silly and neat. I do think there’s a case to be had for the engineers having better things to do.


For a car that costs as much as a midwestern house, it better sing some fucking songs.

  1. I bet you’re a lot of fun at parties.
  2. It does seem like a ‘useless’ piece of eye candy, but here it is garnering free advertising on BoingBoing, which in itself is worth a fair amount of money. Welcome to Marketing101. Marketing shows off a product and builds demand in the consumer-base, who then buy said product which funds further research and development and better function as a vehicle.


Too much fun? What’s that mean? It’s like too much money - there’s no such thing.


Hey man, if I wanted to go all BB there’s a great rant in the amount of telemetry Tesla stores, transmits, and uses against critics and the recently deceased. But a goofy dancing car fixes all of that.


Just like my flashlight app on my phone. Now it totally seems worth the money.


As a model 3 reservation holder, I would much rather they take their time while also including fun features such as these than deliver an appliance with no soul. Software developers aren’t drones, and someone almost certainly did this on their own time as a fun project. Kudos to Tesla for not only encouraging their engineers to be creative, but also in allowing their easter eggs to make it on to production vehicles!


What music does it play when it runs you over?



That really, actually, genuinely provoked a LOL.
I do feel flattered, though, by the implication that I am part of such an influential group.