The time David Bowie photographed his aura before and after using cocaine


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Still less weird than all those teenage girls he banged.

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Yes, cocaine is a hell of a drug but good god, Station to Station is a hell of an album.


Not sure why but this reminds me that I need to watch The Hunger again. Auras, vampires, etc…


Kiss my aura . . . Dora . . .


This actually makes perfect sense if it’s affected by sweat. Cocaine causes increases in norepinephrine signaling in the body and that molecule is used by the sympathetic nervous system to induce sweating. You would see a similar result from galvanic skin response, an electrical measurement also related to the amount of sweat on the skin.


How much cocaine did his crucifix do?




Good name for a band.


I didn’t know that the Thin White Duke was religious.


Maybe that’s why the cross is sweating.


He may not have been. In the video he said that it was given to him by his father, so he may have had it just for the sentimental value.


I was trying to get my wife and daughter to watch it but the RT score was shockingly low for such a cult movie. I can just watch the opening sequence to “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” again and again.


You sir would be more brave than I. Catherine, Susan and Ziggy were not thinking that it was going to be a family film. Just say’n.


Kid is 15, they get exposed to worse that’s not a work of art. I know of younger kids that have seen GoT. I remember being taken to R rated movies in the early 70’s when I was ~10, specifically MASH and The Long Goodbye. I think I was scarred by the scene in the latter where the gangster breaks a bottle across his own girlfriend’s face and says to Marlow “That’s someone I love. You, I don’t even like.”


Now I know where this band got its name!


It was a Contact high.


He should have been able to use that power as a defense against the soul-stealing Jimmy Page.


Yeah, they were big in Japan.


and how about you Fauna? You wanna ? Right here on the Flora ?