The wacky GOP cavalcade of 2022 candidates

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“See this here old bag o’ horse crap? He’s running for state representative in your district, trump supports him 100%, and he hates like the dickens the lib-ruls and all things woke!” “nuff for me. He’s got mah vote!”


Anybody can be a politician.



Quite the collection of stable geniuses.

But why is someone likely under indictment for Jan. 6 on the GOP ballot for Michigan governor? State Board of Canvassers royally screwed up approving his candidacy. Guess they were distracted by the fraudulent signatures on 6-ish (I lost count how many it was) other candidates’ petitions?

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Boy howdy I can hardly wait to see who ends up on the Presidential nomination shortlist for 2024.


The “Laboratories of Democracy” have been churning out GOP monsters for a long time now. Wait until the federal elections to see the real kaiju emerge from the slimy depths.

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