The worst knife reviewed




Oh, I thought you said it was a beater. Where were you when I wanted a santoku!

But we don’t deserve them. Neither good enough coks nor meticulous enough to care for fine knives. I’m not always successful keeping my wife from using our cooking knives on plates.

Wouldn’t take much, definitely their worst feature. There was a line at Ikea that was insanely ergonomic, one of the best parers I’ve ever held. But we lost it and it’s discontinued.

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It is. its just a better class of beater. Cheap but spectacular is kind of my thing with knives. With kitchen knives “beater” usually refers to commercial grade knives for food service and industrial use. There are good beaters and bad beaters. These guys make the Cadilac of beaters:

And the best shellfish knives you can buy.

They’ve sold some shockingly good knives for stupid cheap over the years. Also a lot of trash. Unfortunately the model lines never last long and its almost impossible to identify what’s what until its too late. Chef friend of mine got some crazy cheap and respectible sushi knives there years ago.

Staring longingly at all these knives I’m not supposed to buy.



doesn’t jive with this:

At first I was like: this person knows his shit. And then you started opening paint cans with a knife! May I suggest a cheap multi-tool so you have a proper prying tool at hand.

I see others have lost knives to various airport security checkpoints, too. I’m down four small Leatherman multis. And a bottle of rum from Venezuela. I wonder where all that confiscated stuff goes?


One of us is confused, not sure which. I like these for paint cans:


I get them for free every time I buy paint.

Pretty sure they chuck it down a hole and it lands in Junk City, adjacent to Goblin City somewhere near the middle of the Labyrinth.


Keep your dick in a vice!

AvE and the Hydraulic Press Channel are my jam…


Depends on how grumpy TSA is, years ago i forgot i had my CRKT knife in my bag and it turned up when i was going through security. The guy at the checkpoint admired it and said it was a shame if i decided to surrender it. I told him it had sentimental value to me and he suggested i swing by the ticketing counter to check in my bag, which i did :slight_smile:



No, I am not confusing him with someone else. I have been watching Nick Shabazz reviews for many months. He talks about where he was from and where he has moved to. In the early reviews, he does not have the accent. It is a put-on for fun. And in one of the latest vids, he talks about how he just moved to San Diego for a new job. He is a scientist/engineer who works with sound.


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